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Special Collection #2

Called Unto Liberty: Leading up to and throughout America’s Founding Era an extraordinary group of pastors and priests, ministers and evangelists were raised up it seems, by the Almighty himself, to set America’s pulpits aflame, and thus the hearts of both ordinary and extraordinary Americans, with the Spirit of Liberty, laying down both the religious and moral Foundation of the American Revolution and the Constitution which followed as Founded on the Higher Laws of Heaven, principles and laws discoverable through both faith and reason, giving all men an equal claim to unalienable rights, as well as subjecting all men who violate those laws, whether prince or pauper, to the laws of justice. Ever since that day there have always been other men of faith who have been similarly raised up to preserve the true foundation and principles of liberty and law, men we here at Self-Educated American say who were and have been and yet will be Called Unto Liberty. This collection contains both excerpts and full sermons from these men and women. 

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