Thomas Aquinas


The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas – general discussion
(from Classic Philosophers: Thomas Aquinas by Jonathan Dolhenty)

1.     The Life of Thomas Aquinas
2.    The Works of Thomas Aquinas
3.   An Introduction to His Doctrine
4.  Theory of Knowledge (Epistemology)
5.   General Metaphysics
6.   The Existence of God (Theodicy)
7.   The World (Cosmology)
8.    The Human Soul (Rational Psychology)
9.    Ethics and Politics

For a general discussion see also Adventures in Philosophy: Thomas Aquinas, by Jonathan Dolhenty.

The Philosophical System of Thomas Aquinas, by Maurice de Wulf (an advanced & comprehensive discussion, edited and adapted for the Web by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty)

1.    Introduction
2.    Different Kinds of Knowledge
3.    How Our Knowledge is Formed
4.    The Directing Principles of Knowledge
5.    Various Aspects of the Epistemological Problem
6.    Moderate Realism and the Universals
7.    Desire and Freedom
8.    A Universe of Individuals
9.    The Process of Change
10.  Soul and Body
11.   God
12.   Personal Conduct and Moral Values
13.   Obligation and Moral Law
14.   Conscience and Moral Virtue
15.   Group Life and the State
16.   The Construction of the Sciences
17.   The Esthetic Aspect of the Universe
18.   Classification of the Sciences and Divisions of Philosophy
19.   Doctrinal Characteristics of Scholasticism