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California Lawmakers Plan to Undermine Trump Corporate Tax Cut

BY ALLEN WEST Just last week on Friday and Saturday I was in Palm Desert and Indian Wells California. I just gotta tell you, it...

Enough With the Ferguson Pandering

LLOYD MARCUS, PROUD UNHYPHENATED AMERICAN In all the media coverage of the riots in Ferguson, an annoying false premise has been allowed to stand as...

2014 Election: Blacks, Hispanics, Young and Women Still Reliably Liberal

BY SELWYN DUKE The best predictor of future voting patterns is past voting patterns, to use a twist on a famous maxim. This is...

It’s Official: The Democrats are the Party of the Devil

BY SELWYN DUKE Perhaps the first clue, or the ten thousandth, was when many Democrats opposed the reinsertion of God into their party’s platform...

The Democrat Strategy Of Relentless Chaos

BY CHRISTOPHER G. ADAMO Does anyone remember the name Bowe Bergdahl these days? Only a few weeks back, Bergdahl’s name rocketed to the front page...

The Lobbying Blitz for Immigration

BY PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY Looking at the political motivation of the groups pushing higher immigration and amnesty, it’s obvious that the Democrats promote large-scale immigration because...

Democrat Hysterics Over The Sequester And Shutdown

BY CHRISTOPHER G. ADAMO In basic terms, the irreconcilable differences between Republicans and Democrats amount to a groundswell of real conservatism within the Republican Party,...

Obamacare: The Ruling Class Versus Real America

BY CHRISTOPHER G. ADAMO Once again this week, the Beltway Insider class has exhibited its consuming arrogance and total contempt for the people of the...

Vote-stealing Dem Pleads Guilty to Beating up Girlfriend

BY SELWYN DUKE If you’re a Democrat operative forced to resign for facilitating vote fraud, what do you do for a follow-up? If you said brutally...

Conservatives Must Not Seek All Low Info Voters

LLOYD MARCUS, PROUD UNHYPHENATED AMERICAN It sticks in my craw that Conservatives/Republicans are leaning toward, in essence, becoming immoral, stupid and un-American to win Low-Information-Voters....

Romney vs. McCain and Obama vs. Bush? Who Wins?

PAUL G. KENGOR, CENTER FOR VISION & VALUES Shortly after the November election, I wrote an article titled, “McCain Beats Romney!” The article focused...

Actor Richard Dreyfuss: ‘I Ceased Being a Democrat a While Ago’

Richard Dreyfuss, who is spearheading a nationwide civics education initiative, said he was no longer a Democrat and that he sees little difference between the two main political parties in the United States.

When the Democrat Party Left You Behind

How does it make sense to, in the name of loyalty to your grandfather’s party, abandon his principles? -Selwyn Duke

How Much Voter Fraud Is There? — T.F. Stern

America needs people of integrity to survive; there aren’t enough poll watchers and policemen.

Defense of Everything Bill Stopped — T.F. Stern

If you believe getting young illegal aliens amnesty is all these hustlers want; Dream On, they want all 20 million, a perpetual poverty class dependent on government handouts.

Selective Enforcement — Henry Lamb

Henry Lamb says that Presidnet Obama selectively enforces the law. He won't waste U.S. tax dollars to stop California from now making every sort of Marijuana usage legal, but he will to prosecute Arizona for its new immigration law. On both fronts, and many others, the real point is that Obama is committed not to the law, but its overthrow via a tranformational (read that socialist) agenda.

Democrats Attack the First Amendment With Disclose Act — Alan Caruba

The Disclose Act is unconstitutional, immoral, and testimony to the corruption of the Capitol Hill Democrat politicians setting the national agenda while selling out Americans in their quest to stay in power. - Alan Caruba

Pelosi Trying to Shove DISCLOSE Act Through Congress Once Again

The Washington Post corroborates what Gun Owners of America has been hearing on Capitol Hill. Top Democrat leaders in the House are trying to make another go at the DISCLOSE Act... and they think they are very close to getting the votes to pass it. -- GOA Alert

Bobby Jindal Versus Barack Obama: The Rematch — Chris Adamo

Roll forward sixteen months, and the difference in the American political landscape is astounding. During that brief period, the American people have gotten a bitter taste of the leftist political agenda, as it is increasingly unshackled from any annoyances of constitutional principle, or even from current day law. Bypassing such trivialities, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi cabal has seized trillions from the economic system, and redistributed it among its cronies in the name of “economic stimulus.” Formerly private industries are now virtually “nationalized” as is the practice in banana republics, and the nation’s once unrivaled healthcare system is on the fast track to join the incapacitated socialist monstrosities of Europe and the third world. - Chris Adamo

Obama Moves to Silence Gun Groups and Other Political Opponents

Fresh from his efforts to seize government control of the health services sector (ObamaCare) and the financial markets ("finance reform"), Barack Obama has a new priority: silence his political opposition. As satisfying as it was for Obama to seize control of one-sixth of the economy, he has had to suffer protest from the "little people" (like us). So he is pushing the Orwellian "DISCLOSE" bill (HR 5175) to make sure gun groups and other pro-freedom forces cannot mobilize their members in the upcoming elections.