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College offers course on “Queering the Bible”

— reaction from religious community leaves me speechless BY ALLEN WEST Last year I shared with y’all a post about the strategic objective of the progressive socialist left...

Weekly Story: Julia A. Carney and “Little Things”

Weekly Story Julia A. Fletcher—taking a shorthand class at Tremont Temple in Boston—writes four lines of verse as a class project. After school, she completes...

Weekly Story: Julia A. Carney and "Little Things"

Weekly Story Julia A. Fletcher—taking a shorthand class at Tremont Temple in Boston—writes four lines of verse as a class project. After school, she completes...

The Prospect for Freedom: Can the U.S. Sustain Its Experiment in Self-Government?

LIBERTY LETTERS OS GUINNESS, HERITAGE FOUNDATION Abstract In establishing a free republic, the Founders had to tackle three major tasks. The first task was winning freedom—the objective...

Billy Sunday: Baseball Star Preacher

AMERICAN MINUTE WITH BILL FEDERER A baseball star, Billy Sunday played for the Chicago White Stockings (Sox) in the 1880's and later the Philadelphia Phillies. He...

Our National Motto: “In God We Trust”

BY PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY Dozens of cities and counties are currently displaying our national motto, "In God We Trust," on banners and signs at city halls...

Power Against People: A Christian Critique of the State

BY PHILIP VANDER ELST Introduction Ever since that period in European history known as the ‘18th century Enlightenment,’ the idea has firmly taken root in Western...

Tough Love

BY STEVE FARRELL Missing the Mark With Religion, Part 9 A close friend of mine suffers from a common human malady – the inability to give...

Robbing Man of His Divine Heritage

These diabolical bullies cannot have "we the people" believing, or for that matter knowing, that we are heirs to the King of Kings. Steve Farrell

Nil Desperandum

In 1772, when it seemed to be more going than coming, James Warren reported to Samuel Adams from Plymouth about the towns he had been canvassing: "They are dead," he lamented, "and the dead can't be raised without a miracle." - Liberty Letters with Steve Farrell

Double Standards and Church Buildings — T.F. Stern

Those easily offended might have serious issues when getting out in the real world, a world with varied and diverse situations. They’ll need to wear blinders or keep a team of lawyers on retainer if they plan to enforce Zero Tolerance Politically Correct values; better yet, stay home where it’s perfectly safe.

Progressive Tolerance — T.F. Stern

Under what set of principles, with the most tolerant latitude possible, could any university in America permit or ignore the MSA, an organization sympathetic to terrorist organizations intent of repeating the Holocaust; how could the MSA be permitted to remain on campus, much less remain on US soil?

No Other Patron Necessary — Algernon Sidney

This appears so plainly in Scripture, that the assertors of liberty want no other patron than God himself; and his word so fully justifies what we contend for ... -- Algernon Sidney

Jim Wallis: Now Violating the 9th Commandment

By Bryan Fischer -- Rev. Jim Wallis, in his ongoing crusade to redefine evangelicalism as socialism in clerical robes, is now out there breaking the 9th commandment along with the 8th and 10th.

Beware Lest Thou Forget — T.F. Stern

We live in perilous times; the very foundations of our society are under attack. If we are to survive as “One nation under God”, much less prosper, we need to adhere to those principles which were taught from our inception, principles which included humility before God, prayer in private and publicly to acknowledge the Lord as our head, moral values which provide the lawful marriage of a husband to a wife in order to raise a family and keeping the commandments.

The Optimistic First Lady of Conservatism — Steve Farrell

Speaking in Naples, Florida at the 30th Annual Eagle Forum luncheon, Phyllis Schlafly, the First Lady of Conservatism, called the 2010 election “the most important election of our lifetime.” She urged the audience to vote for good conservative, pro-family Republicans. “I am optimistic we can do it this year. I think the American people are waking up,” she said. “We’re talking about saving America.”

“Fighting Words” & the 1st Amendment –T. F. Stern

...if you were addressing the Creator of this world, how would your language be assembled? You now have the answer to what is covered by the right of free speech.

Will the Real Bullies Please Rise?

A California judge has denied that parents are entitled to keep their kids out of pro-gay school lessons. Numerous Alameda school district parents claimed their right to have their children excused from such curriculum under a California "opt out" provision. Education Code section 51240 allows pupils to skip "health instruction" that conflicts with their parents' religious training or beliefs.

Why Many American Christians Really are Un-Christian — Selwyn Duke

The concept of Absolute Truth lies at the heart of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and philosophy. Why philosophy? Because, properly defined, philosophy is the search for Truth. Now, some — including many philosophy professors — would dispute this, but they are not only babies in philosophy but also have adopted the endeavor of a madman: searching while claiming there is nothing to find.

Man's Origin and Destiny In God — John Foster Dulles

Man, we read in the Holy Scriptures, was made a little lower than the angels. Should man now be made little higher than domesticated animals which serve the purpose of their human masters? -- John Foster Dulles