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Political and social commentary from Self-Educated American's gifted Senior Editor, T.F. Stern.

51st State – New California Secession Possible

BY T.F. STERN Folks who understand that self governance requires self discipline, those who’ve found themselves living on the ‘left coast’ while not being able...

Just Say NO to High Speed Rail

BY T.F. STERN My wife and I own property on the north side of Houston and another piece of property half way between Dallas and...

Standing Armies and Targets — T.F. Stern

By T.F. Stern, At what point do you come to the realization that perhaps a society isn’t worth saving?  That’s an interesting thought to enter...

I can’t sing the National Anthem

BY T.F. STERN Well, that’s not quite true; I can’t sing the National Anthem without tears dripping down my cheeks and a large knot forming...

NBC Core Values

BY T.F. STERN Moments after the dismissal of Matt Lauer for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace” NBC issued the following statement: “Dear colleagues, on Monday...

Background Checks and Fingerprints

BY T.F. STERN Recently the State of Texas altered the requirements for the renewal process licensed locksmiths must complete in order to continue applying their...

We Are Made In God’s Image — T.F. Stern

By T.F. Stern, Watching the shenanigans going on in Washington of late, I’m reminded of the Biblical story, Noah and the Ark; how God nearly...

In Loco Parentis or Just Plain Loco — T.F. Stern

Public schools teach reading, writing, arithmetic, science and even sex education; can’t have prayer, that’s against the law. The idea that parents and children must forego family values in the classroom is absurd. If these stories are any indication of how administrators in our public schools or Planned Parenthood represent, or in this case, ignore family values under authority provided by “in loco parentis”, then we need to change the definition to just plain “loco” because parents have lost their say in the matter.

Men are that they might have joy — T.F. Stern

Folks shouldn’t have to “settle” for a religion or denomination which doesn’t fulfill their understanding of the Gospel. Important instructions intended to help us through mortality should add excitement to our testimonies...

2010 and the Right to Bear Arms — T.F. Stern

It would be a welcome step toward restoring America to that which our founders envisioned if the Supreme Court were to favorably word their ruling, to acknowledge once and for all times, the nature of rights, that they apply uniformly across state boundaries, to include and spotlight the predominant idea that such rights are not granted from government at any level; but exist because of the eternal nature of rights.

Beware Lest Thou Forget — T.F. Stern

We live in perilous times; the very foundations of our society are under attack. If we are to survive as “One nation under God”, much less prosper, we need to adhere to those principles which were taught from our inception, principles which included humility before God, prayer in private and publicly to acknowledge the Lord as our head, moral values which provide the lawful marriage of a husband to a wife in order to raise a family and keeping the commandments.

Diversity and Tolerance — T.F. Stern

God’s laws are restrictive and not conducive to many activities condoned by a diverse segment of our morally bankrupt society. Is it any wonder that an institution run by the left would find Christian values incompatible?

U.P.S. v. Postal Service — Guess Who Wins? — T.F. Stern

Imagine that; the US Postal Service reported a steady decline in volume causing it to lose billions of dollars while UPS has shown a steady increase in volume and profits. Could it have anything to do with the fact that one is managed under free market conditions while the other languishes under the burdens of bureaucratic mismanagement typical of most government agencies?

Orienteering Lessons — T.F. Stern

Pirate maps are hard to come by so I took some time off in the middle of my work day to swing by the church in order to create an Orienteering course for the boys to use that evening.

Ishmael or Isaac — T.F. Stern

I read through the history and found something else of interest, Eid Al-Adha commemorates the willingness of the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael in response to God’s command; notice the difference? Christian scriptures record that Abraham sacrificed Isaac, not Ishmael; so what’s the big deal?

Symbols Unlock Our History — T.F. Stern

It’s interesting how symbols seem to validate eternal truths, as if they speak to our spirits in concepts which attempt to define what words cannot.

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star — T.F. Stern

Once you realize who you are, really; it’s time to live the life you were intended to live. Don’t settle for mediocrity; aim higher or, as the poet Emerson reminded us, “Hitch your wagon to a star”.

Recognizing Truth — T.F. Stern

We live in curious times filled with challenges which seem to consume all our best efforts. Many of us are looking for answers; how do we return our nation to those foundational footings necessary for restoring the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? We have been studying and searching through all that is available, history books, commentary by the finest minds in our day as well in times past; have we taken the next step and asked for divine inspiration?

Trouble Right Here in River City — T.F. Stern

Yes, Sir, somebody’s putting pool tables in towns across this land, corrupting our youth for several generations. We’ve reached the point where closing a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ is cause for dismissal, teaching basic Christian principles is a “hate crime” and “In God We Trust” is offensive; that’s my two cents worth!

Citizenship or Servitude — T.F. Stern

The war between those who desire to be free and those intent on enslaving us is a never ending battle. The image of soldiers falling under fire doesn’t do the concept of war justice. Each day we as citizens serving in our limited capacities; teachers, carpet salesmen, doctors, lawyers and even locksmiths must take up the cause of freedom. Each generation of Americans needs to understand the slim difference between citizenship and servitude.