Clark: The Need for Men of Conviction and Courage

Modern Prophets Speak, Volume I, No. 10, Clark

J. Reuben Clark Jr.
J. Reuben Clark Jr.

We are deaf today to the approach of tyranny because we have lived so long under the protection of the Constitution that we take for granted the blessings of liberty. But the Framers of the Constitution, having had bitter experience with tyranny, wrote it with the purpose to preserve the right of local self government – which had been the fundamental principle on which the war of the Revolution was fought. They were not dreamers, but practical men of wide experience, and they wrote into that document the fruition of human experience in self-government. Prospering under the privileges insured by the Constitution this country has advanced as no other in a like period in all history.

We need more people today with strong convictions in support of the Constitution and with courage to stand back of their convictions. We need men with courage to refuse support to every effort aimed at undermining the Constitution. Any change in our social order which is really desirable can be effected under the Constitution by orderly Constitutional amendment rather than by efforts to evade its provisions. We must continue to protect ourselves against the approach of tyranny in any guise.

President J. Reuben Clark Jr., spoken at a luncheon given in honor of President Heber J. Grant and J. Reuben Clark in 1935. As found in “Stand Fast By Our Constitution,” Salt Lake City, Deseret Book, 1978, p. 2.

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