The Torch of Liberty is Hot

Liberty Letters with Steve Farrell

ronald reagan“The history of Poland from the imposition of martial law and the crushing of Solidarity in December 1981 to the glorious elections of 1989 is not the saga of a pessimistic, defeatist, or compliant people. Rather, it is a remarkable testament to the human will to be free. While the constellation of strong leaders in Britain, the United States, and the Vatican (Thatcher, Reagan, and John Paul II) helped the process of communist disintegration immensely, those very same leaders rightfully and repeatedly credited the defiant spirit of the Poles. ‘The people of Poland,’ declared Reagan, ‘are giving us an imperishable example of courage and devotion to the values of freedom in the face of relentless opposition . . . . The torch of liberty is hot. It warms those who hold it high. It burns those who try to extinguish it.’” (Lawrence Read quoting President Ronald Reagan in A Tribute to the Polish People)

This being so, may we who are blessed to hold it, let it burn brightly in our heart and soul these impressions four: gratitude, covenant, patriotism, providence. Or a sense that a call has been extended from the Almighty to do all in our power to keep it lit, to hold it high, to persist despite every persecution and distraction — as our forefathers did — so that when that Great Day of The Great Interview is upon us we may with confidence say, “Though imperfect man that I am, I did my duty;” and The Interviewer reply: “Thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord … with these thy brethren.”

Steve Farrell is one of the original pundits at Silver Eddy Award Winner, (1999-2008), associate professor of political economy at George Wythe University, the author of the highly praised inspirational novel “Dark Rose,” and editor in chief of The Moral Liberal.


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