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Eagle_Forum“Revive Our Constitution”!

“Our peculiar security is in the possession of a written constitution. Let us not make it a blank paper by construction [interpretation].” So proclaimed President Thomas Jefferson, and so must we proclaim today! And yet America today is a nation in which judicial supremacy has all too often replaced constitutional supremacy because Reconstructionist (i.e., activist/liberal) judges have attempted to reduce the Constitution to a “blank paper.”

This attempt is a major battle front in the Culture War engulfing America today. Reconstructionist judges have interpreted the Constitution according to their anti-constitutional [Humanistic] worldview. But the Constitution is founded on the Judeo-Christian worldview and cannot survive if ripped from this foundation. The “peculiar security” of the United States to which Jefferson referred is thus in imminent danger.

We Constitutionalists (advocates of the Judeo-Christian worldview) must understand this danger and how to respond. We must especially understand how to repel the Reconstructionists’ argument that their approach is necessary if America is to have a “living Constitution.” A superb Constitutionalist response was expressed thirty years ago by U. S. Senator Sam Ervin. Senator Ervin declared that, “The usurpation of . . . power by the Supreme Court Justices does not prove that the Constitution is a living instrument of government. On the contrary, it proves that the Constitution is dead, and that the people of our land are being ruled by the transitory personal notions of Justices . . . rather than by the enduring precepts of the Constitution.”

Therefore, our challenge is to Revive our Constitution and curb the courts! And we must do so without resorting to a constitutional convention which appeals to some patriots but in reality is an untried device for which no standards or rules exist. Such a Con Con would invite chaos and more court cases allowing Reconstructionist judges the opportunity to morph America into a Humanistic society.

There are other tried and proven methods available to us Constitutionalists in the battle to Revive the Constitution and curb the courts — to carry out the Teaparty tradition of demanding that government observe the constitutional limits placed on its powers. Several of our most efficient, effective and well-tested tools are incorporated into “Eagle Forum Court Watch’s Election Plan for 2010.”

No principle is more foundational to American law and life than the principle of the “Supremacy of the Constitution”: “The U. S. Constitution must be respected as America’s supreme law, requiring that it be interpreted according to the original meaning of its words. Failure to adhere to this principle severely threatens the survival and health of America’s entire legal system and our culture in general.” This principle is the focus our Election Plan.

“Revive Our Constitution”!:
EF Court Watch’s 2010 Election Plan

Methods of Action

  • Congress shall deny federal courts the power to hear challenges to:
    • Acknowledgements of God on public property and in official utterances such as the Pledge of Allegiance
    • Federal and state actions that protect marriage as traditionally defined
  • Congress shall refuse to fund or otherwise enforce court decisions that:
    • Invalidate an educational program because the program teaches the pros and cons of creation science alongside evolution science
    • Negatively affect the unborn child (“unborn child” defined as in the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act)
    • Are based totally or in part on foreign or international law, except for the classical English Common Law and the Judeo-Christian worldview
  • Congress shall attach to each of the above measures a provision that denies federal courts the power to hear challenges to that particular measure
  • The President shall nominate, and the Senate shall confirm, only those judicial nominees who clearly and demonstrably adhere to Constitutionalist principles
  • State Legislatures should pass resolutions urging national officials to act as described above

Materials Foundational to Action (Resources to Prepare Activists)

  • The “Basic Blackstone”
    • “Constitutionalist Manifesto” — A cogent statement of Constitutionalist principles
    • “Constitutionalist Papers” — A summary of the worst recent Supreme Court rulings
  • The “Blackstone Blitz” — Professionally-produced online multi-media presentations (two) w/questions for discussion and study included: START HERE!!!
  • “Reviving the Constitution”
    • Student Version/Truth Triathlon Team (Teens) — one-semester high school course
    • Leaders’ & Laymen’s Version — All the info, but no tests, grade sheets, etc.
  • The “Companion Curriculum”
  • A Variety of Topics — history, Constitutionalist defenses, critiques of Reconstructionism, etc.
  • A Variety of Formats — multi-media, online, print, CDs, etc.
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