More Stimulus Fraud Exposed

Liberty Alerts, Judicial Watch

President Obama’s highly acclaimed stimulus spending transparency has turned out to be a painful thorn that’s exposed embarrassing falsities the administration publishes as fact to make the fraud-infested economic recovery plan look successful.

Weeks after getting busted for drastically inflating the number of jobs created by the scandal-plagued $787 billion stimulus, the White House is crediting the controversial spending program with saving or creating numerous jobs in congressional district that don’t even exist.

The humiliating revelation was exposed this week by a national news outlet that examined the latest data posted on Obama’s touted (and quite costly at $18 million) government website that claims to allow taxpayers to see precisely what entities receive stimulus money and how the money is spent. It’s all part of the administration’s goal of fostering greater accountability and transparency.

It turns out that much of the information is fiction. Misidentified congressional districts, or districts that simply don’t exist, are listed as receiving hundreds of millions of recovery dollars and creating a plethora of jobs. Additionally, U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are falsely reported as creating hundreds of jobs with tens of millions of dollars in recovery funds.

Several congressional districts that don’t exist in Oklahoma are listed as utilizing $20 million to create 15 jobs and nonexistent districts in Iowa show spending $10.6 million to conceive 39 jobs. In Arizona, which has only eight congressional districts, the fictitious 15th district is listed as saving 30 jobs with $761,420 and a nonexistent Connecticut district (the 42nd) claims to have generated more than two dozen jobs with zero stimulus dollars.

A powerful Democrat who chairs the House appropriations Committee called the inaccuracies “outrageous” and “ludicrous” and demanded the data be immediately corrected. Just a few weeks ago the administration distorted by thousands the number of recovery-funded jobs in a desperate effort to show that it’s on track to meet its goal of creating 3.5 million new ones by the end of next year.

Besides blatant fact distortion, fraud and corruption have been pervasive in the monstrous stimulus program that has so far lost millions to waste, abuse and highly questionable projects. Many of the details are laid out in scathing U.S. Senate report (A Second Opinion on the Stimulus) that tracks tens of millions of dollars in wasteful stimulus projects and predicts that at least $55 billion will be lost to fraud and abuse by the time all the money is spent.

Used with the permission of Judicial Watch.