Our National Foundations — Lyman Beecher

American Minute with Bill Federer

His daughter was Harriet Beecher Stowe, who wrote the abolitionist novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” His son was Henry Ward Beecher, a famous New York preacher known for denouncing slavery, government corruption, and for supporting women’s suffrage. His name was Lyman Beecher and he died JANUARY 10, 1863.

A renowned New England clergyman, Lyman Beecher was quoted in McGuffey’s Eclectic Sixth Reader, 1907:

While most nations trace their origin to barbarians, the foundations of our nation were laid by civilized men, by Christians.

In The Spirit of the Pilgrims, 1831, Lyman Beecher wrote:

The Government of God is the only government which will hold society against depravity within and temptation without.

In his Plea for the West, 1835, Lyman Beecher wrote:

If this nation is, in the providence of God, destined to lead the way in the moral and political emancipation of the world, it is time she understood her high calling, and were harnessed for the work. For mighty causes, like floods from distant mountains, are rushing with accumulating power to their consummation of good or evil, and soon our character and destiny will be stereotyped forever.

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