Industry, Not Sloth, Should Be Admired and Rewarded — Heber J. Grant

Prophet Statesmen, Heber J. Grant

Men should have a pride in doing their full share, and never want to be paid for that which they have not earned Men should be rewarded for doing the best that they can. There is a practice in some quarters, in the working world today, to tell a man how much he may do, regardless of his ability to do more, and to penalize and criticize the man who is able and willing to do more than his indolent or incompetent neighbors. If one man has the ability and the power to do three or four times as much work and is willing to do it, he should get the pay for it, and this idea of saying, “Don’t you do any more than you are told or you will lose your job, or your standing,” is fundamentally wrong.

Excerpt from 1939 article by Heber J. Grant (Volume 42:585). Heber J. Grant (1856–1945) served as the sev­enth Pres­i­dent of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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