The Great Principes of Religion, Moral Sense, and Civil Policy

Founding Era Political Sermons, May 12, 1785, Samuel Wales

[N]ever should it be forgotten that all the measures of civil policy ought to be founded on the great principles of religion; or, at the least, to be perfectly consistent with them: otherwise they will never be esteemed, because they will be contrary to that moral sense of right and wrong which God has implanted in the breast of every rational being.

From Samuel Wales Connecticut election sermon, preached before the General Assembly in Hartford on May 12, 1785. Samuel Wales (1748 -1794) studied theology with Eleazar Wheelock, taught at Wheelock’s Indian School at Lebanon Crank. He served as a tutor at Yale for a time before accepting the call of the First Congregational Church in Milford, Connecticut, where he remained for eleven years. He resigned this post to accept appointment in 1782 as Livingston Professor of Divinity at Yale.