Over-Ruling Providence of God — Henry Cumings

Found­ing Era Polit­i­cal Ser­mons, 1781, Henry Cumings

Though God, (for wise reasons, best known to himself) has permitted sin to enter into the world; yet, we may be sure, he will not suffer the purposes of his goodness to be frustrated by it; but will, in some way or other, over-rule this worst of evils, for good; and make sinners themselves (contrary to their design and intention), the instruments of promoting the great ends of his moral government, and the occasional causes of benefit to others, at the same time, that they expose themselves to misery and ruin, which will inevitably come upon them, either in this world or in that to come, or in both, as a just punishment for their wickedness, unless prevented by repentance.

Excerpt from Henry Cumings, “A Sermon Preached at Lexington On The 19th of April.”

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