N.H. House to Vote on Parental Rights Amendment

Liberty Alerts, CitizenLink, Jennifer Mesko

A parental rights amendment is coming to the floor of the New Hampshire House on Wednesday. CACR 29 states that parents have the natural right to control the health, education and welfare of their children.

While the U.S. Supreme Court has generally recognized parents’ rights to direct the upbringing and education of their children, this protection has not been recognized in recent court cases addressing what happens in the classroom.

Cornerstone Action, which is associated with Focus on the Family, strongly supports the amendment.

“All across the country, we are seeing example after example of government intrusion where it doesn’t belong,” said Kevin Smith, executive director of Cornerstone Action. “No more could this be true than in the area of parental rights and responsibilities.

“That is why we need an amendment like this. It puts the state on notice: Stop meddling in the affairs of a parent’s right to control the health, well-being and education of their children.”

If the bill passes the House, it would go to the Senate, and then onto the ballot.

If you live in New Hampshire, please ask your legislators to support CACR 29.


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