Parents Pounded in Anti-Bullying Case — Phyllis Schlafly

by Phyllis Schlafly

California law has an “opt out” provision that allows pupils to be exempted from “health instruction” that conflicts with their parents’ religious beliefs. A California judge has now ruled that parents may not keep their kids out of pro-homosexual school lessons. The school’s attorney claims that this controversial lesson is part of the Safe School Community Curriculum, which is separate from schools’ “health instruction.” She said that the gay lesson teaches safety and tolerance, and to prevent bullying and harassment, and that the Board of Education intentionally omitted an opt-out option when it approved this curriculum. The Judge agreed and further ruled that “any opt-out right” is “outweighed by the policies against discrimination and harassment” of gay students.

The parents who were suing the school emphasized that they support anti-bullying lessons, but object to the current elementary curriculum that “focuses almost exclusively on homosexuality.” The parents were backed by the Pacific Justice Institute, which said this is an “activist judge,” who had repeatedly insinuated that the parents were bigots. The judge allowed school district attorneys to aggressively interrogate the parents about their religious beliefs, sermons they had heard against homosexuality, and whether they were aware the Bible had been used to justify racism and oppression.

This case is only one example of the tactic used to promote homosexuality in public schools. The gay activists pushing so-called anti-bullying policies are trying to enforce pro-homosexual teaching on young children. The concern with a safe, non-threatening school atmosphere is being “used to skirt parental rights.” Religious freedom rights are increasingly undermined in favor of pro-gay laws and school policies.

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