VA Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli to Speak at The Awakening on April 15

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Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is scheduled to speak at “The Awakening 2010” on Thursday evening, April 15 at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

We have posted a schedule of events and speakers online. Registration is FREE for the entire event, which will be held on April 15-16.

Go to to register online or call 800-671-1776.

A broad array of confirmed speakers will address faith, freedom, and the the role of government, covering topics such as social, economic, and domestic issues, national security, and foreign affairs, with sessions for pastors, public office seekers, nonprofit leaders, technology, community organizers, messaging to youth and minority communities, public policy and much more.

“The Awakening 2010” begins on Thursday night at 5:00 p.m. and concludes on Friday night with an inspiring Liberty & Justice Rally.

The Freedom Federation’s advanced technological platform will be debuted at the event. This platform allows independent organizations and individuals to network, blog, create events, find events, and mobilize people who share similar core values.

See the brochure for details on confirmed speakers and read the schedule for more details.

Forward this link to your friends so they can register for free:


Mat Staver is scheduled to appear on “Fox and Friends”  on the Fox News Channel at 6:20 ET tomorrow morning. The topic is the ACLU continuing efforts to impose an unconstitutional no-prayer, no-religion rule on teachers, staff and students in Florida schools.

Also appearing in the show will be Chaz Riley, Student Body President of Milton High School who was censored by school officials from saying “God Bless.”

If the station posts the broadcast online, we will provide a link to the video from this Liberty Al

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