Do You Know What “Card Check” Means?

by Phyllis Schlafly

I have seen a TV ad about a dozen times urging support for something called Card Check, and I wonder if most people know what that means. Card Check is a proposed federal law, now pending in Congress, to eliminate the secret ballot by which employees have the right to vote yea or nay on authorizing a union as their bargaining agent. If Congress passes this law, the secret ballot would be replaced with allowing union officials to intimidate employees into signing a card. When the union collects enough signed cards, every worker would have to join and pay dues to that union.

The National Labor Relations Board (known as the NLRB) is supposed to be a neutral arbiter of labor disputes. But President Obama has nominated to the NLRB a radical labor lawyer named Craig Becker who has written that he would try to implement Card Check by issuing an NLRB regulation even though Congress never passed the law. Becker is a top lawyer for the Service Employees International Union (known as SEIU) which, incidentally, spent $60 million to elect Barack Obama as President. SEIU’s boss, Andy Stern, is the most frequent visitor to Obama’s White House. Attorney Becker wrote three pro-labor executive orders that Obama signed just a week after taking office.

This SEIU union plays rough. When Congressman Russ Carnahan held a Town Hall Meeting in his district in Missouri about Obama’s health care bill, some Tea Party people came to register their opposition. A bunch of SEIU thugs, clearly identified by their purple shirts and the letters “SEIU,” attended and beat up Kenneth Gladney, a black man who was passing out flags that read “Don’t Tread On Me.”

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