State Promotes Alcohol Consumption

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In a flagrant waste of tax resources, the state agency that regulates the alcohol industry in Pennsylvania is spending tens of thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign to promote alcohol consumption.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has purchased radio and print ads pushing booze as the perfect Mother’s Day present, according to a Philadelphia newspaper report that points out the irony of it all; that the commercials are brought to you by the state agency whose mission in part is to protect against alcohol-peddling and to ensure responsible drinking.

The liquor board manages the alcohol industry in Pennsylvania and is in charge of all licensing and educational programs on the effects of alcohol. Yet the public officials that run it see nothing wrong with forking over $142,000 to encourage buying vodka and wine as Mother’s Day gifts rather than, say, flowers or chocolate.

The commercials, broadcast on two Pittsburgh radio stations, tout vodka flavors such as cherry, strawberry kiwi and tropical punch. The vodka can be purchased for rock-bottom prices at the state’s wine and spirits stores, according to the ad which also features a recipe for the perfect strawberry kiwi and lemonade cocktail. Another ad suggests wine as the perfect gift for mom.

The idea, according to liquor board officials, is to “enhance an already wonderful celebration.” The commercial actually “celebrates motherhood,” according to an agency spokesperson quoted in the news story. Opponents point out that the state should not be promoting alcohol consumption under any circumstances. At least the ads warn listeners to drink responsibly.

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