No Other Patron Necessary — Algernon Sidney

Liberty Letters Quote of the Day, Algernon Sidney

This appears so plainly in Scripture, that the assertors of liberty want no other patron than God himself; and his word so fully justifies what we contend for …

Magna Charta could give nothing to the people, who, in themselves, had all; and only reduced into a small volume, the rights which the nation was resolved to maintain; brought the king to confess, they were perpetually inherent and time out of mind enjoyed, and to swear that he would no way violate them …

Source: Sidney, Algernon. “Discourse Concerning Government,” 1698.

The Moral Liberal recommends John F. McManus’s excellent book on Buckley: “William F. Buckley Jr.: Pied Piper of the Establishment.” For Buckley at his best,  read his hard-hitting indictment of the godless, pro-socialist faculty at Yale: God and Man at Yale, a book he wrote shortly after his graduation from that “once upon a time” Christian institution.

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