Stop the EPA from Imposing Cap-and-Tax!

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Because patriotic Americans like you rose up to oppose the job-killing, energy rationing Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation last summer (which narrowly passed the House by a vote of 219 to 212, Roll Call 477) and effectively stalled this legislation in the U.S. Senate, President Obama is attempting to regulate how much energy Americans can use via Washington D.C. bureaucracy.  Global warming regularly ranks last in polls of voters’ concerns because the American people understand that cap-and-trade policy is nothing more than a huge energy tax.  November is approaching fast and we need your input to put the brakes on President Obama’s efforts to bypass action by Congress and to implement cap-and-trade policies by other means.  One way to accomplish this is to pass Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) resolution of disapproval, S. J. Res. 26!
Last year, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) officially declared that the CO2 (carbon dioxide, a gas necessary for all life on Earth) produced from burning fossil fuels poses a threat to human health and welfare.  This declaration is often referred to as the EPA’s “endangerment finding.”   President Obama and his liberal allies want to use this endangerment finding to justify rationing energy through the EPA.  Of course, the EPA’s endangerment finding is not about science.  It is about regulatory over-reach.  It will require massive regulations that will raise energy prices, destroy jobs, and cause further economic havoc, so it is critical that Americans call on their Senators to support the Murkowski Resolution when it is brought up for a floor vote!
The Murkowski Resolution of Disapproval of the EPA’s “endangerment finding” would:
  • Prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.
  • Preempt any improper attempts by President Obama to impose closed-door, back-room deal climate regulations without input from Congress.
  • Remove any authority from the EPA to ration energy and increase energy prices, which would result in businesses cutting jobs and rapid increases in the price of consumer goods.
  • Serve as an early barometer of the Senate’s willingness to address broader “climate change” legislation this year.
  • Send a strong message to the White House that both Congress and the American people do not want the EPA regulating the use and price of energy.
  • Put pressure on the House to vote on the very same resolution of disapproval.
Contrary to the deliberately misleading TV and radio ads that environmental pressure groups are running, all the Murkowski resolution would do is prevent the EPA from issuing greenhouse gas regulations.  It has nothing to do with overturning science or gutting the Clean Air Act, nor does it prevent Congress from working on climate legislation.
The EPA has already begun to issue climate regulations, which will raise electricity and gas prices, and as President Obama promised during his campaign, his energy policies would cause energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket.”  Please call your Senators NOW and tell them to vote YES on S. J. Res. 26!
The time is NOW to bring the Murkowski Resolution of Disapproval to a vote on the Senate floor before Congress goes home for the Memorial Day Recess, so there is a good chance S. J. Res. 26 will receive a floor vote this week!
Because Sen. Murkowski’s resolution has been brought under special rules of the Senate, the resolution cannot be filibustered and needs only 51 votes to pass, so victory is well-within reach!
Here is a list of target Senators.  Please only call the target Senators if they are YOUR Senators.  The targets are provided so that everyone is aware of which Senators need extra pressure and which states’ phone calls are most needed.
Tell your Senators to vote YES on the Murkowski Resolution, S. J. Res. 26!