Rise of the New Right

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Did you see the Rise of the New Right? It’s a “documentary” by Hardball’s Chris Matthews. He takes a swipe at those opposed to President Obama’s policies by lumping them all into the Tea Party movement while smearing The John Birch Society, Oath Keepers, Rand and Ron Paul, and others. Of course, the two “experts” foremost throughout it were from the Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters to America. If you haven’t had the pleasure to familiarize yourself with these outfits, it would certainly be worth your time. They are intent on promoting the “progressive” agenda over the Constitutional freedoms of all Americans.

William Jasper of The New American offers an in-depth look at the “documentary.”

The John Birch Society has always been a favorite target of those on the left. And it always will be. What they point to and call “kookery” is merely us exposing their plans to convert more and more Americans from being self-reliant to being reliant on the government. This is highly apparent in their latest scheme: ObamaCare.

ObamaCare has been written to condition the American people for cradle-to-grave care. It is merely a step toward total government-run healthcare, much like other entitlement programs that began decades ago. For instance, crafted into ObamaCare is a “wellness” program that will start with the poorer areas of the nation and then eventually will be broadened. This program will measure and “recommend” lifestyle choices for families. They claim this is voluntary, but in order to fulfill the mission of single-payer or other total government-run health care, this will at some point be as “voluntary” as income taxes.

Help us continue the campaign to Choose Freedom–Stop ObamaCare. Members across the nation have geared up to learn as much as they can about the new law and help educate others in their network, including local opinion molders and elected officials. Nearly 9,000 members and supporters have joined our Facebook fan page to take advantage of the steady stream of news and tools. Many are organizing and participating in local events (Tea Parties, conferences, street fairs, DVD showings, and many other venues) to educate and activate as many as possible. The John Birch Society is in the midst of partnering with other organizations in order to maximize its message and use the most effective and responsible tools we have available to stop ObamaCare. More details later. Get involved with your local chapter and other supporters today!

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