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As part of our “Choose Freedom–Stop ObamaCare!” campaign, nullification is a major part of the solution. We need to educate people on the boundaries between federal and state powers, as in the 10th Amendment. And educate them on the ability of the states to nullify federal legislation that violates this balance of power, especially in the case of ObamaCare. One way we are helping to reach more people is by partnering with the Tenth Amendment Center on its just announced “Nullify Now!” campaign.

“Nullify Now!” is a multi-city event tour focused on education and activism on a state level to nullify unconstitutional laws. Thomas Woods, author of “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century,” will headline each of the events. Right now, four stops have been announced, including the first to be held in Fort Worth, TX on Sept. 4. The John Birch Society, The New American, Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty are national sponsors. Part of this sponsorship includes the opportunity to have a speaker and a booth at each of the events. We are currently working with members to identify local resources to make that happen. The rest of the locations are Orlando, FL Oct. 10, Chattanooga, TN Oct. 23, and Phoenix, AZ Jan. 22. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact your local chapter leader or Coordinator to discuss opportunities or send us an email that we will follow-up on. If you’re interested in attending, tickets and event details are now available.

Speaking of partnering, The John Birch Society is co-sponsoring Tom DeWeese’s American Policy Center’s newest conference: Freedom Action National Conference. The conference runs August 12-14 at Valley Forge to help attendees network, learn, train and prepare to stand against the growing American government threat that is destroying our economy, our currency, our free enterprise system and our ability to be free in our personal lives.

Tom has a great line-up of speakers, including Sheriff Richard Mack, Thomas Woods, Catherine Bleish, Larry Pratt, Dr. Jane Orient, Michael Badnarik and our own Larry Greenley and William Jasper, among many others. Local JBS members and staff will be there to host a booth. Again, if you can help, please contact your local chapter leader, Coordinator or send us an email. Tickets and additional details are available.

Our newest issue of The JBS Bulletin is now available for members to download. Remember to log-in first. This month CEO Art Thompson explains how we are different than others in the movement. Director of Field Activities James Fitzgerald discusses recruiting opportunities, and others offer updates on “Choose Freedom–Stop ObamaCare” as well as updates on pending federal legislation.

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