No to Ground Zero Mosque

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It’s a critical time in New York City as we represent a number of families and friends of victims of 9-11 in opposing the building of an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero – where thousands of U.S. citizens were murdered by Islamic terrorists.

An important hearing is taking place this week in New York before the Landmarks Preservation Commission  – a hearing that’s the first of many to determine whether the city of New York will permit this mosque to be built at that site.

Here’s the problem:  Ground Zero is sacred ground.  It is offensive to many of the families and friends who lost loved ones in the 9-11 attacks to construct an Islamic mosque at this site.  Further, there are growing questions about the Imam behind this project – questions about his financing – questions about ties to terrorists.

Join with us at the ACLJ as we stand in support of the families and friends who lost loved ones – those who do not want an Islamic mosque built at Ground Zero.  The simple fact is that Ground Zero is NOT the place to build a mosque.

It is time to reject this troubling move once and for all, in honor of America’s 9-11 heroes.

Add your name now to the Committee to Stop the Ground Zero Mosque.

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