It’s no longer “The Home Depot,” it’s now “The Homosexual Depot”

By Bryan Fischer

The American Family Association is calling for a nationwide boycott of The Home Depot because of its support for the radical homosexual agenda, and in particular for exposing young children to homosexual behavior.

Despite extensive communication between AFA and The Home Depot, HD officials remain unmoved and resolute in continuing to allow their affiliates to sponsor as many pro-gay, pro-transsexual events as they’d like.

Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes said, “At the end of the day here, we’re not going to…forbid our associates to be involved in these pride festivals in any way.”

“In any way.” So apparently we’re talking about leather, whips, studded collars, feather boas, nudity, simulated and real sex acts, the whole nine yards. Whatever kind of abnormal sexual variants pride festivals want to put on display is A-OK with The Home Depot.

HD, through it’s affiliates, has put its money and its name on any number of gay pride parades and festivals. Despite repeated appeals from officials at AFA, The Home Depot intends to keep using its influence to push the radical homosexual agenda. Since everyone of these gay pride events pushes recognition of same-sex marriage, HD has clearly chosen sides on that issue.

If you go to, the AFA website devoted to this issue, you will find there a picture of young children holding Home Depot cups with flags in them. The flags, handed out to these children by homosexual activists, contain information about how to get to a website that bills itself as “the men’s social group for men who have sex with men.”

A mother who attended the Maine Pride festival sponsored by The Home Depot wrote on the Maine Pride Facebook page that a number of women exposed themselves to her young children, and were impervious to her appeals to demonstrate a modicum of decency.

Her words: “…the only disappointing thing was the group of women who decided to take their shirts off right by my kids, all under age 10 (and then didn’t seem to care when i said something to them about it)…”

Holmes said, speaking for The Home Depot, “The bottom line is, it (remaining neutral) just runs counter to our inclusive culture…and that’s where we stand.”

As AFA president Tim Wildmon said, “Apparently their definition of inclusion involves exposing young children to displays of sexually explicit conduct and helping children find websites that tell them how to have homosexual sex.”

America’s moms and dads are going to find The Home Depot’s determination to keep funding these events both astonishing and appalling.

And of course the huge problem for The Home Depot is that American families have lots of alternatives when it comes to buying ladders and lawnmowers and light fixtures. The AFA is calling pro-family Americans to exercise their freedom of choice and spend their home improvement dollars elsewhere, until The Home Depot gets its mind right and decides to stay neutral in the culture wars.

As Wildmon pointed out in AFA’s press release, “[I]t’s no longer ‘The Home Depot,’ it’s ‘The Homosexual Depot.’”

He added, “Pro-family Americans don’t want their shopping dollars used to expose their children to homosexuality, but that’s exactly what’s happening when they spend money at The Home Depot.”

If people complain that the AFA is costing people jobs, the response is simple. It’s The Home Depot that’s putting jobs at risk by pushing an agenda that is so far out of phase with the values of their customer base.

The boycott will simply redistribute shopping dollars to family-friendly home improvement stores, who will soon need to add extra staff to keep up with the demand. Guess where they’ll be able to find experienced personnel?

Some will certainly point out that The Home Depot sponsors a Joe Gibbs race car. That’s an issue between Mr. Gibbs and HD, and he of course should honor any contractual obligations he has. No one at AFA is suggesting he does otherwise.

The Home Depot might want to check with the Ford Motor Company about what happens when ordinary American families decide to vote with their wallets against companies that peddle perversion. Ford Motor Company eventually surrendered, and re-focused its energy on making automobiles instead of retooling American culture. Now they’re making the best cars in America.

There is a lesson in that for The Home Depot. The question is whether anybody over there is listening.

The Moral Liberal contributing editor, Bryan Fischer, is Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at the American Family Association, and is the host of the daily ‘Focal Point’ radio talk program on AFR Talk, a division of the American Family Association. ‘Focal Point’ airs live from 1-3 pm Central Time, and is also simulcast on the AFA Channel, which can be seen on the Sky Angel network.

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