What Kind of Heritage Shall We Pass On?

Liberty Letters with Steve Farrell

Reflecting on the causes of Rome’s decay, Horace (65 BC – 8 BC), the leading Roman lyric poet, writes

“Our Fathers, viler than our grandfathers, begot us who are even viler, and we shall bring forth a progeny more degenerate still?”

Quite a question. But what else should we expect … then and now, we who in the name of liberty and education and advanced civilization, or else ‘freedom from God and primitive superstitions,’ or whatever the excuse abandon the eternal principles of right and wrong, abandon the witness of conscience, abandon the settled lessons of history?

The Roman republic of freemen fell and degenerated into the Roman Empire. The price was paid, personally, by families, and nationally. We reap what we sow, and so it shall ever be.

Good cause for reflection and if necessary repentance, I’d say.

Liberty Letters are compiled and edited (with occasional commentary) by The Moral Liberal, Editor In Chief, Steve Farrell.

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