Let's Blow Up Kids to Save the Earth

By Bryan Fischer

A mainstream environmental group, 10:10.org, has produced one of the most disturbing Public Service Announcements in human history.

The PSA was produced in connection with their campaign to urge everyone to reduce their carbon footprint by 10% in 2010.

The opening scene is set in a classroom, where an earnest teacher pleads with her students to voluntarily sign up for the plan. Two kids refuse, at which point the teacher calmly presses a button which blows the two miscreants to smithereens – graphically, with body parts and blood splattered all over the mind-numbed students who signed up.

Three more scenes follow, in which business workers, soccer players, and a radio announcer meet bloody and gory ends. The final image in the ad is of the blood of the radio announcer dripping down the glass wall of the studio. Her crime: having the brazenness to think she had done her part simply by doing a pro-environmental voice-over.

You can view the ad here, but be advised it is disturbing in the extreme. I include the link only because this is something you must see for yourself to see just how horrible it is.

When I first read descriptions of this video without having seen it, I surely thought critics were exaggerating. Then I watched it, and if anything found the criticisms too tame by half.

The producers are laughing the whole thing off as misunderstood British wit, implying that we benighted Americans simply are not sophisticated enough to get their highbrow sense of humor. They’ve pulled the ad from their website, but have pointedly stated that they will make no effort to pull it down from other websites where it has been posted.

In other words, they want this message to go out, and want as many people as possible to watch human beings turned into shards of guts and blood for not getting with the environmental program.

What this reveals is the fundamental and vicious anti-human energy that drives the entire environmental movement. A video like this could not even have been made did not they believe that saving Gaia is more important than saving human beings.

In simplest terms, this is what is at stake in our battle with environmentalists. In a biblical worldview, man is far more important than earth. In the view of the Sierra Club and Greenpeace, it’s just the other way round. From a scriptural standpoint, earth is to serve man; in environmentalism, man is to serve earth. And is to be punished severely if he refuses.

In a biblical worldview, man is to worship the Creator, not the creation. In environmentalism, it’s just the reverse – you must worship Gaia rather than God.

The contrast is stark and plain. Woe to any evangelical dupes who get taken in by environmental tripe and try to peddle this idolatrous nonsense as if it were consistent with the biblical message. The evangelicals who blindly follow environmentalists make a violation of the First Commandment – “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” – a part of their sacred creed. Such evangelicals just become the “useful idiots” Stalin spoke of, in service of a dark agenda that is fundamentally at odds with the truth.

The fact that the producers of this bloody mess of a video can laugh off something which would likely draw an NC-17 rating if it appeared in a theatrical release is a sign of the utter callousness and disregard they have toward beings who have been made in the image of God.

According to the Judeo-Christian tradition, human beings are God’s vice-regents over all of creation, granted his authority to serve as stewards of natural resources and given authority to convert them to human use. When human beings extract natural resources from the ground, and convert space and materials into habitations suitable for the human family, they are doing something good and noble, not something evil and pernicious as the Earth First! and Nature Conservancy folks want you to believe.

From the standpoint of a biblical worldview, humans are not parasites or noxious weeds who must be sacrificed in gruesomely bloody ways to the goddess Gaia if they will not bow at her feet and worship her through the use of hybrids and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Human beings instead are noble creatures, bearing God’s image in every part, capable of evil because of the fall but with an even greater capacity for good under God’s redeeming influence.

Perhaps the producers of this truly awful video have done us all a great service, because they have exposed for all to see the fundamental inhumanity which energizes the environmental movement.

Bottom line: environmentalists hate human beings while God loves them. I think I’m going with God on this one.

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Self-Educated American contributing editor, Bryan Fischer, is Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at the American Family Association, and is the host of the daily ‘Focal Point’ radio talk program on AFR Talk, a division of the American Family Association. ‘Focal Point’ airs live from 1-3 pm Central Time, and is also simulcast on the AFA Channel, which can be seen on the Sky Angel network.