Sharia In a Can: Cambell's Soups Go Halal

By Bryan Fischer

Creeping Sharia has come to a grocery aisle near you. Campbell’s soups have come out with a line of 15 halal-certified soups which comply with the dietary regulations of the two percent of the American population that follows Islam. The soups have been certified by the Islamic Society of North America, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood whose cluster of 29 affiliated organizations – including ISNA – have a goal of “exterminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

ISNA was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist-fund raising trial in history, the Holy Land Foundation trial. Well, nobody will be able to blame Campbell’s for not doing its part to cooperate with those who hate America and want to see her and her Constitution subverted and then wiped out altogether.

The next time you pop open a can of Campbell’s vegetarian soup, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that you are consuming jihadi-sanctified food.

To see where things are going with this whole halal business, look no further than the U.K., where grocers have gone whole-hog – pardon the expression – on offering halal meat but without telling anybody about it.

The largest supermarket chains in Britain are selling lamb and chicken which come from animals which have been slaughtered in the Islamic way. Even fast-food joints like Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway are using halal meat, but they aren’t telling their customers about it either. Domino’s, for instance, has been serving halal chicken for 10 years in 580 outlets across the fruited U.K. plan. Folks in hospitals, schools, and pubs across the U.K. have been eating food that has first been blessed in the name of the demon-God Allah but know nothing about it.

The country’s largest hotel and restaurant group sells halal food, as do major sporting venues such as Ascot and Wembley, with a nary a word to unsuspecting customers.

You’ll be happy to know that, at this point at least, neither McDonald’s nor Burger King are selling terrorist-certified food.

Animal rights groups are ticked, since halal certification means the animal had its throat cut while it was still conscious. (Both neck arteries have to be severed, or the meat is not halal.) What more people will find offensive is that the person carrying out the killing must recite a Koranic verse while the lifeblood of the animal drains away, thus dedicating the animal and the meat that comes from it to Allah.

So-called “moderate” Islamic groups allow the animal to be stunned first, but authentic, devout Muslims don’t. Guess who’s going to get their way in the end of that fracas?

The chairman of Muslims4UK, whose leading imam told the U.S. a week ago, “we believe that one day the flag of Islam will fly over the White House,” assures us we have nothing to fear since the meat all tastes the same.

So Christians in the U.K. have been eating meat over which Islamic rituals have been pronounced, and most of the lamb sold there has had an Islamic prayer said over it at the point of slaughter. Much of Britain’s lamb comes from New Zealand, where abattoirs there, believe it or not, are actually licensed by Muslim authorities who say Muslim prayers when the animals are killed.

The prayer? “Bismillah Allah-hu-Akbar”, which means “In the name of Allah, who is the greatest.” Some chicken butchers in the U.K. slaughter chickens using an automatic circular saw while a tape recorder intones the Islamic prayer. I kid you not.

One qualified meat inspector says he considers the Islamic practice of slaughtering animals while they are still conscious to be inhumane, and says that every “slaughterman” he knows agrees. But they accept it “because it is the law.” Wow. So now butchers in England are indulging in what they believe to be animal cruelty just because Islam tells them too. Wow.

It’s worthy of note that just four percent of the population of Britain is Muslim. Sharia law has thus been imposed on the remaining 96% of the population, and most of them don’t even know it. As Dr. Richard North, a former technical adviser to the Small Abattoirs Association, says, “Not only are we deliberately not informed if our meat is produced according to religious ritual, many retailers do not even know.”

He adds that this mainstreaming of Sharia is being done for cost-saving reasons since so much of England’s butchering is now handled by industrial-sized operations.

“The choice is either to introduce a separate production line or to take the cost-cutting option of having just one production line. But in this one-size-fits-all world, it’s not the most humane and dignified method of slaughter – the one enshrined in British and EU law – that wins out.

“No, the ‘one-size’ is the less humane method of killing tailored to the religious demands of just four per cent of the population. Since it is not illegal to palm off halal meat on non-Muslims, that is being done on a massive scale. And there is nothing the Government or the EU can or will do about it.”

North points out that the U.K. has what he calls “draconian” regulations to insure the humane killing of animals for food, but these laws are now routinely being ignored because of the demands of Muslims. This is nothing less, of course, than a practical concession that Sharia law is supreme over Western law. Muhammad must be supremely pleased.

Says North:

“Thus, commercial greed has found a way of circumventing a law that we, in our ignorance, expect to be obeyed and that we have a right to see obeyed. We do not expect commercial interests to prevail, on a technicality, over something that many campaigned for – the humane slaughter of our animals. This is not only commercially wrong, morally it is a disgrace.”

Sharia law is no longer creeping up on us. It’s bearing down on us at full gallop. It’s time for Christian civilization to grab the reins of this runaway horse and stop it dead in its tracks. No Sharia law in America, period.

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The Moral Liberal contributing editor, Bryan Fischer, is Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at the American Family Association, and is the host of the daily ‘Focal Point’ radio talk program on AFR Talk, a division of the American Family Association. ‘Focal Point’ airs live from 1-3 pm Central Time, and is also simulcast on the AFA Channel, which can be seen on the Sky Angel network.

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