Drifting Toward a Paternal Government

Prophet Statesmen, Anthony W. Ivins

I fear this, that under existing conditions [in 1932] we are gradually drifting toward a paternal government, a government which will so entrench itself that the people will become powerless to disrupt it, in which the lives and liberty of the people at large may be jeopardized.

They are pouring millions of dollars in this time of need into sources for the benefit of the people and it is a great benefit and perhaps salvation, but it is going to result in this—I am going to make this statement—that if the present policy is continued it will not be long until the government will be in the banking business, it will be in the farming business, it will be in the cattle and sheep business, for many of these debts will never be paid. That will mean the appointment of innumerable agencies. The government now is overloaded with commissions and agencies, some of them administering the very laws that Congress itself has enacted. Someone else should be administering those laws. If you want to save yourselves from the bondage of debt and political influence which are not of your own choosing, I ask you to think of what I have said.

Source: Anthony W. Ivins. General Conference address October 1932. Anthony W. Ivins (1852-1934) served as a member of The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints under President Heber J. Grant from 1921-1925.