Biden Says Stimulus Fraud At “Surprisingly Low Level”

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In yet another delusional assessment of the administration’s disastrous stimulus program Vice President Joe Biden claims that fraud and abuse has been kept “to a surprisingly low level” thanks to rigorous oversight.

The laughable estimate comes just a few months after Biden made a fool of himself touting a scandal-plagued welfare program to make low-income houses energy efficient as an example of success in stimulus spending. Despite losing tens of millions of dollars to waste and corruption, weatherization is “one of our signature programs,” Biden said months after a federal audit had exposed rampant fraud in weatherization.

Speaking to federal investigators in Philadelphia this week, Biden suggested using an internet search engine to recall mistaken predictions made by stimulus critics; that the $787 billion program could not exist without massive fraud. Considering the government’s long history of wasting taxpayer dollars those fears were justified, Biden said.

However, a level of “transparency never seen before” combined with strict oversight has kept stimulus spending in check, according to Biden, who calls the operation a “well-lit house” that burglars don’t want to break in to. Before delivering the witty metaphor the vice president assured the stimulus, which President Obama promised would jumpstart the economy and put Americans back to work, is in fact creating jobs across the country and spurring growth.

Biden conveniently omitted reality (9.6% unemployment rate) by failing to mention that tens of billions of dollars have gone to wasteful projects, including international ant research, studying why monkeys react negatively to inequity, a “tunnel to nowhere” in Pennsylvania and a $3 million turtle crossing in Florida, to name a few. At least $20 million has been spent on road signs declaring that the stimulus is “putting Americans back to work” and tens of millions more on a number of other frivolous projects that have been documented in several different reports.

Used with permission of Judicial Watch.

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