New Breed of Anchor Babies From China

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Mexican illegal immigrants who give birth to anchor babies in the U.S. are being joined by upper-class Chinese women who have the resources to enter the country legally to deliver their offspring and essentially purchase American citizenship.

A story on this new breed of anchor babies was published this week by the leftwing National Public Radio, which makes it a point to intimate the differences between the poverty-stricken illegal border crossers and the affluent Asians. A loophole in American law allows the rich to travel to the United States—often in first-class airline seats—to give birth, the report says, alluding to the plight of the poor chastised Mexicans who desperately cross the treacherous desert to give their unborn children a better life.

Because the Chinese women have money, the U.S. practically welcomes them to give birth here. In fact, it has become a booming trade in China where a host of businesses have profited from the deals. For about $15,000, a company arranges a California hospital, physician, house and car rental for wealthy Chinese parents-to-be. The operations are referred to as “an affordable American dream.”

One Chinese woman who is about to deliver a boy in Los Angeles says she’s giving birth in the U.S. to give her child a better future, education and work possibilities. The woman will enter the country with a foreign visitor’s visa arranged by a broker, who says he’s trying to help Chinese mothers realize their American dream comes at a “fair and reasonable price.”

The broker, who has helped at least 600 Chinese women deliver anchor babies in the U.S., says access to a free public school education and the reduced college costs that come with being an American citizen are worth the investment for Chinese parents.

Americans already pay tens of billions of dollars to educate, medically treat and feed millions of children born to Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants. A new study released earlier this year by a nonprofit dedicated to chronicling “Latino’s diverse experiences in a changing America” revealed that the number of children born to illegal immigrants in the U.S. jumped to 4 million from 2.7 million in a six-year period and will likely keep growing.

Used with permission of Judicial Watch.