Speak Out Now Against Open Homosexuality in Our Military

Liberty Alerts, Liberty Counsel

We have just received word that the first key vote on permitting homosexuals to openly serve in the military will likely happen around 5:00 p.m. tonight in the U.S. Senate!

According to the Pentagon’s own report issued last week to Congress, 67 percent of Marines and nearly 58 percent of Army soldiers in combat units say that repeal of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (“DADT”) policy would have negative consequences on unit cohesion in the field or at sea.

In the face of this opposition, the Obama Administration and the lame duck Congress want to prioritize political correctness over the combat readiness and unit cohesion of our troops! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirmed his plan to repeal DADT, which prohibits homosexuals from openly serving in the military during this lame duck session. The ACLU is gloating, “We can win this,” but that is not true if you take action now!

Contact your senators to express your support for keeping our military focused and strong. Our military defends us. We must stand with them!

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