Standing Up for Oregon Teacher

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It doesn’t make sense.  A teacher at a Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon was scheduled to teach a course on Islam.  Instead of being able to conduct the course, the teacher was fired – given a pink slip for speaking the truth about Islam.

What’s worse.  The terrorism-related group CAIR pressured the school to get rid of the teacher.  That’s right – intimidation from CAIR – an organization that the U.S. government labeled an ‘unindicted co-conspirator’ in a major terrorism case with links to Hamas.

We are now representing the teacher, Barry Sommer, and are in the process of completing a demand letter to the school.  If the school does not rehire our client and reinstate the class, we will take legal action.

This is absurd.  Not only did the school violate the First Amendment free speech rights of our client, it caved in to the bullying tactics employed by CAIR.  This is CAIR’s strategy – intimidate – attack.

We’re not going to let that happen.  We’re standing up for this teacher and his right to teach the course on Islam. It’s important to note that this class was designed to introduce students primarily to the Qur’an and other viewpoints on Islam in a world where terrorism is a constant threat.

The purpose of this course was to provide a basic understanding of Islamic doctrines so that students could make informed decisions based on unbiased and current information.

But that didn’t satisfy CAIR.  They lashed out.  They pressured the school to take the politically-correct route and get rid of the teacher.

This, from a community college where academic freedom, diversity, and acceptance are supposed to be cherished educational values.

The law is clear.  We’re fighting back.  Our demand letter to the school is going out today.  We want you to stand with us and add your name to our Committee standing up for the First Amendment rights of our client and standing up against CAIR.

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Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.