We Are Rotting: Part 2, Real Solutions

By Gary Brown

Senator Tom Colburn from Oklahoma spoke this week to the Debt Reduction Commission created by the Obama Administration.  Dr. Colburn said, “As a country we are rotting.  Republics average 200 years in duration.  They are not brought down from without; but from within.  The conquering foe is not an imposing army from a foreign nation, but a financial tsunami from within created by the general public when they begin to rob the public treasury.”

We are rotting, but the financial dilemma in which we find ourselves is not the problem, it is a symptom of a much greater problem.  The problem?

Christ’s church is sitting on the sideline; the problem is three-fold.

  • One; the majority of Christians are oblivious to the national, cultural and spiritual collapse of America.
  • Two; the gospel is being distorted by the most visible of Christian leaders and organizations.
  • Three, the Christians who “get it” are “bunkering.

You may be thinking; “Didn’t we just solve the problem by voting the bums out?”

We have just witnessed one of the largest shifts in political power in our nation’s history.  Republicans swept into power in the US House of Representatives in record numbers.  Republicans picked up six seats in the US Senate; picked up over 60 seats in the US House and over 680 seats in state houses across the nation.

However, do not make the mistake of believing that these election results mean that all of the sudden Americans are embracing conservative American values.  Actually, what we just witnessed is the third of “wave” elections; all are the result of an American public that has lost its way.

The 2006 election wasn’t a public embrace of liberalism; the Democratic “wave” into power was the result of a negative reaction to Republicans.  The 2008 “wave” election of Barack Obama, though highly celebrated by the left, was not a progressive mandate.  At best, the nation got caught up in the euphoria in electing the nation’s first black president.

The 2010 election, as sweeping and historic as it was, was not a sudden political shift to “tea party” values.  It most certainly was not a return to Christ!  If you’ll notice each of these three waves were larger than the last.  Are we in for a fourth wave in 2012?

Electing the right people is good, but not enough.

It is imperative that we, as Christians, become modern “Sons of Issachar”; people who understand the times and know what the church should do. (1 Chronicles 12:32)

It is time for the church to understand the times.  It is time for Christians to understand that the answer isn’t only in electing Republicans.  The REAL solution is for God’s people to become engaged in actions that make a difference.

First, Get Educated.

We must “understand the times.”  I suggest we start with getting Curtis Bowers’ new documentary, AGENDA, in the hands of as many people as possible.  Produced in Idaho, by Idahoans, AGENDA is one of the best educational tools I have seen in a while.  Curtis does a fabulous job articulating where we are as a nation, how we got here and what we must do.  We are creating a study guide for churches and small groups; it will be ready for distribution by January, 2011.  You can watch the trailer and purchase the DVD at www.agendadocumentary.com. In 2011 let’s start groups and educate 2,000 people across Idaho.

Secondly, Get Networked

In the past, the Idaho Values Alliance has been a blog speaking primarily from a values viewpoint with the IVA President involved with legislation.  While this was effective for that time, times have changed.  We will continue to speak to the issues and stay involved in legislation, but we have made some needed changes. The IVA has become Christian in message and purpose with a goal to speak into the church and serve as platform to educate, network and engage Christians to impact our communities, state and nation.

Our network goal: 2,011 additional Christians networked through our website, receiving our weekly updates by November, 2011.

Thirdly, Get Engaged


Let’s pray.  We want to network Christian businessmen, pastors and other church leadership to pray for our families, churches, communities, state and nation!  Through the IVA we are creating prayer groups across the state.

Let’s Preach.  Gary will begin to preach from each county’s courthouse in 2011-12; ending with preaching from the steps of the Statehouse in Boise.

…In Politics

Let’s get involved when the Legislature is in session.

  • Gary will be involved with the legislature during the 2011 session.
  • Let’s support our State Legislature when they are right!  I have been meeting with several in our Idaho legislature.  They are developing an aggressive and potentially transforming vision for our state.  What would happen if 2,011 Christians flooded Boise with emails, calls and faxes in support of bills that reflect our values every time a measure came up for a vote.

…In Educating Our Youth

THIS IS IMPERATIVE.  Let’s raise up the next generation.

  • Let’s elect Christian School Board members.  We are calling for Christians in every school district to run for School Board and for Christian people to support them.  Imagine our public schools in Idaho with God-fearing Christians making the calls!
  • Let’s start or become involved in Home School networks.  Let’s create a networked education system of home school co-ops and Christian schools.
  • Let’s train our youth to be leaders.  In 2006 the US Congress asked me to lead a national Youth Leadership Conference in DC.  If we do not train the next generation of leaders, everything we know America to be will go to the grave with us!

Let’s recap. There are 10 simple action steps we can take that will make a difference!

Let’s get Educated

  1. First, you can order your copy of AGENDA, the video and the workbooks on line at www.agendadocumentary.com.  (The study guide is coming out early 2011.)
  2. Secondly, in 2011make plans to invite your family, friends and church members to your house for an eye-opening experience that will change their lives forever!

Let’s get Networked and stay Informed

  1. Encourage everyone in your group and those you know outside your group to become one of 2,011; to sign up for these IVA Updates so they can stay informed and take action when alerts go out.

Let’s get Engaged

  1. Lead your group to become engaged in prayer for our families, churches, communities, state and nation!
  2. Help to promote and attend the rallies at your county’s courthouse when Gary comes to town to preach.
  3. Be one of 2,011 Christians flooding the capitol with emails, calls and faxes in support of bills that reflect biblical, American values every time a measure comes up for a vote.
  4. Run for the school board or encourage the right person to run.
  5. Get to the polls every time there is an election
  6. As God leads you, support this or other organizations that are impacting Idaho and when election time rolls around financially support your candidate.
  7. Educate our youth.  Help us discover future leaders!  If you know youth with leadership potential, contact me; I want to meet them.

Folks, these are REAL solutions that WILL make a difference.  If you want to get involved or have comments, please email me at gary@idahovaluesalliance.com and let’s talk!


Self-Educated American, Contributing Editor, Gary Brown, is the President of the Idaho Values Alliance, and Founder and Executive Director of Reach America