VA: Sound & Significant Victory Against ObamaCare

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It’s nothing short of a decisive and significant victory against the pro-abortion, government-run health care law.

A federal district court judge today declared the key provision of ObamaCare – the mandate forcing individuals to purchase health care insurance – unconstitutional.

In a 42-page decision issued today, U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson in Richmond concluded the individual mandate provision “exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power.”  The complete opinion is posted here.

This is a very sound decision that guts ObamaCare.  It represents a decisive and significant victory for America against the largest power-grab by the federal government in U.S. history.

The court correctly concluded that forcing someone to buy health insurance is not economic activity and that Congress does not have that authority under the Commerce Clause.

As you may recall, we filed a critical amicus brief backing Virginia’s lawsuit.  In that brief, which you can view here, we represent nearly 30 members of Congress and more than 70,000 Americans who are standing with us.   In our brief, we argued that “the individual insurance mandate provision . . . exceeds any power granted under the Commerce Clause” — which is exactly what the federal district court concluded today.

The ACLJ filed its amicus brief in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District in Virginia in Richmond on behalf of 28 members of Congress and more than 70,000 Americans who oppose the individual insurance mandate in the recently passed federal health care law.

In our brief in the Virginia case, we represented the following members of the U.S. House of Representatives of the 111th Congress, led by Dr. Paul Broun of Georgia:  Todd Akin, Rob Bishop, John Boehner, Michael Burgess, Dan Burton, Eric Cantor, Mike Conaway, Mary Fallin, John Fleming, Virginia Foxx, Trent Franks, Scott Garrett, Louie Gohmert, Bob Goodlatte, Jeb Hensarling, Walter Jones, Steve King, Doug Lamborn, Robert Latta, Michael McCaul, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Jerry Moran, Mike Pence, Jean Schmidt, Lamar Smith, Todd Tiahrt, and Zach Wamp.

In another vital case – in Florida – we’re backing that state’s massive lawsuit having filed an amicus brief representing more than 60 members of Congress and more than 70,000 Americans. That is posted here.

We have filed our own federal lawsuit in Washington, D.C. – directly challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare.  Our lawsuit is posted here.

And this week, we are planning to file an amicus brief backing a legal challenge to the health care law out of Michigan.

At the same time, our legislative team is preparing to work with the new Congress and demand that the pro-abortion, government-run, health care law be repealed.

One thing is clear:  the fight to derail ObamaCare will intensify in the courts and on Capitol Hill.

We’re prepared to do everything we can to stop this problematic law.  And while today’s decision from a federal district court in Virginia does represent a significant victory in this fight, we’re already preparing an amicus brief representing members of Congress in support of the Commonwealth of Virginia as this case is appealed.

America needs and wants health care reform.  But ObamaCare is not the answer.

Stand with us as we move through the legal process – backing challenges to the law at the appeals court level.

Add your name now to our Committee to Declare Pro-Abortion ObamaCare Unconstitutional.

Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.


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