UPDATE: Nativity Display Going Back Up in PA

Liberty Alerts, American Center for Law and Justice

We’re pleased to report that the council members of the Borough of Canonsburg, a suburb of Pittsburgh, have voted unanimously to put back up a Nativity display in front of the Borough building.

As you’ll recall, we told you a couple of weeks ago that we were contacted by a pastor in the community who wanted our input and assistance after the Borough pulled the Nativity display following a complaint by one resident who said the Nativity display is “highly disrespectful to the citizens of the borough (who) are not Christians.”

We immediately sent an information letter to the Borough Solicitor – outlining the law and explaining how the Nativity scene could be displayed in a constitutional manner.  Our letter is posted here.

Now, good news to report.  By a unanimous vote, the council has agreed to bring back the Nativity display – in front of the Borough building.  At the same time, a Christmas tree, wreaths and other holiday decorations will be added to the display.

We’re delighted that Borough officials understood the law and took the action needed to restore a long-standing tradition in Canonsburg.

Councilman A.J. Williams told the community members who attended the meeting: “It is our feeling that we don’t violate any sort of law, especially if we incorporate it into a larger display.”

We agree, and we’re pleased to see this outcome in Canonsburg, PA.

We have important information on this topic posted to our Christmas Resource Center – information that applies to celebrating Christmas in public schools, local and state governments, and the business community.  That information is posted here.

It’s our hope that this information will encourage communities like Canonsburg and others to include the Nativity scene in their Christmas displays.   As always, we stand ready to assist communities on this issue.

Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.