2011 Could Make or Break Our Nation

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We know you are painfully aware of the movement to remake America into a socialist, big-government, limited-freedom, anti-life, anti-marriage, pro-homosexual, weak nation that apologizes for its Christian heritage.

Our vision is to “Take Back America” by restoring our nation’s core values, love of freedom, individual responsibility, sanctity of life and marriage, and our Christian heritage. One vision of America will win and one will lose. There is no middle ground in this fight.

None of us want to live under a government regime that actively undermines life, family, and faith, nor do we want to leave that kind of legacy for the next generation.

We knew that this year would be extremely demanding, and we were right!

++Consider the events of 2010…

*We began this year with the theme “Take Back America 2010.” We vowed not to let the Obama/Reid/Pelosi political machine destroy America.  As expected, they aggressively pressed their radical agenda. They began funding abortions worldwide, elevated sexual deviancy to a special status, and passed a socialist healthcare law.

*A year ago, we battled against the so-called healthcare “reform” law right up to Christmas Eve. After ObamaCare was signed into law, we launched the first private-party lawsuit against its unconstitutional mandates and dramatic expansion of federally-funded abortion.

*We stood against President Obama’s radical czars and judicial appointments.

*We launched a “Vote of No Confidence” petition to send a clear message to Washington. We believe that powerful campaign helped fuel the strong rebuke the Obama agenda received in November’s midterm elections.

*Throughout the entire year, we battled the advance of efforts to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy. We helped defeat it once in the Senate, only to lose in a lame duck Congress obsessed with pandering to the pro-homosexual community.  But, we will be back in 2011 on this issue, so the battle is not over!

At each pivotal crossroad, we did not give up these fights despite overwhelming opposition by well-funded liberal organizations and a radical, agenda-driven Congress.

During these battles, we were blessed with help from many of our Liberty Counsel online friends.  We have come to another of those crossroads when we must call on you for assistance.

Will you prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible year end gift to help us continue the fight into 2011?

In addition to the threats to our liberty coming out of Washington, DC, we have remained deeply engaged in strategic litigation defending life, religious freedom, and marriage across the nation.

++Fighting for freedom in courtrooms across America.

Liberty Counsel’s litigation team is managing a growing caseload in defense of faith, freedom, and family – in addition to confronting the radical push from the White House and Congress.

We continue to win battles against the ACLU, despite their recent $325 million fundraising campaign. We will not allow the ACLU to criminalize Christianity, as they are trying to do in Santa Rosa County, Florida!

In Kentucky, we won a huge case at the federal court of appeals against the ACLU involving the Ten Commandments. And, we have a Ten Commandments case pending right now at the United States Supreme Court.

Our lawsuit against ObamaCare is on the fast track to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, just one step below the United States Supreme Court. We believe we will win this case!

We have proven that we can win these battles when we show up. But in order to show up and win, we need your help.

Quite honestly, as a result of our intense activity in 2010, both our legal staff and our budget are stretched well beyond what we could have anticipated.

Will you prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible gift right now so our team can continue to fight against the rise of Big Government, radical pro-homosexual forces, anti-faith initiatives, the attacks of the ACLU and other activist legal groups?

We have prepared a special Year-end Partners’ Report that gives a brief synopsis of Liberty Counsel’s many achievements during the past year and has a special slide show you will want to see.

Click here to see our 2010 Year-end Partners’ Report and slide show.

Read this special report and then consider making a significant gift to Liberty Counsel before the end of 2010 so that we can close out the year on sound financial footing and prepare for the crucial battles ahead.

We depend on friends who give $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or more – whatever the Lord leads. Every gift is deeply appreciated and tax deductible.

We are optimistic and excited to be in the center of God’s will. He has a great work for us in 2011! We are more convinced than ever that the Lord has raised up this ministry for “such a time as this!”

Thank you for being part of the miracle God is accomplishing in the life of this ministry!

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