New House Watchdog Lets Obama Slide On “Criminal Event”

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During a public relations campaign touting upcoming probes of the Obama Administration, the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said the president won’t be investigated for a bribery scandal because his party is guilty of the same crime.

This astounding example of bipartisan corruption was actually delivered on national television over the weekend. California Republican Darrell Issa, the federal lawmaker responsible for scrutinizing presidential misconduct, did the Sunday talk-show rounds to promote a wasteful spending inquiry of “one of the most corrupt administrations,” and assure Americans that his committee will identify $200 billion in waste. In the process, Issa confirmed that he’ll let President Obama slide on one of his most serious offenses so far.

In 2010 the administration tried to bribe a popular Pennsylvania congressman (Joe Sestak) to drop out of a U.S. Senate race so the White House-backed candidate (Arlen Specter) could win. Sestak said he was offered a top federal job to keep him from challenging Specter, a Republican-turned-Democrat who voted for Obama’s disastrous stimulus, in the primaries. Amid public outrage the White House eventually conducted a laughable investigation that determined no one in the Obama Administration committed any crimes because Bill Clinton actually carried out the shady scheme.

Issa didn’t buy it and over the weekend confirmed it “was a criminal event under the law” yet he won’t pursue it, though he’s obligated as the head of the congressional watchdog that investigates all matters with federal policy implications. The reason is because Republicans have in the past committed the same crime, according to Issa, who openly acknowledged the Sestak scandal “is in fact an example of misconduct.”

“President Bush’s people said we did the same thing,” Issa revealed during a widely viewed cable news interview. “When you offer a position, paid or unpaid, existing statute makes it illegal to offer that job in return for affecting an election. That is — that is something we’ve got to get to stop. The American people do not want ambassadorships or any other position handed out to save a party money.”

Judicial Watch filed a congressional ethics complaint against Sestak in July for conspiring with the Obama White House to cover up criminal conduct involving the job offers made in exchange for leaving a political campaign. Judicial Watch was also a frontrunner in pointing out the seriousness of the matter because many laws were violated, including 18 USC 210: Offer to procure appointive public office; 18 USC 211: Acceptance of solicitation to obtain appointive public office; 18 USC 595: Interference by administrative employees by Federal, State or Territorial Governments; and 18 USC 600: Promise of employment or other benefit for political activity.

Used with permission of Judicial Watch.