Tell Your State Legislators to Oppose Any Calls for a Constitutional Convention

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Although members of The John Birch Society and their allies have already been working with state legislators for the past 30 years to prevent the calling of a constitutional convention (Con-Con), the pro Con-Con forces have never been as active as this year. Con-Con call resolutions have been introduced in virtually all 50 states already.

Click on the video at left, Beware of Con-Cons: State Legislators Warn Against a Constitutional Convention, for our latest tool for convincing state legislators to oppose Con-Con resolutions and to support rescinding all of their existing Con-Con calls.

We’ve also posted a new article on “Beware of Con-Cons — A Warning Against a Constitutional Convention.” This article includes ordering information for 12- and 30-minute DVDs of our Beware of Con-Cons video, as well as 12- and 30-minute audio CDs.

Contact your state legislators by phone and email with these two purposes in mind: (1) Convince them to oppose any new Con-Con call resolution in your state legislature; and (2) Convince them to sponsor or cosponsor a resolution to rescind all of your state’s existing Con-Con calls based on the “Model Con-Con State Rescission Resolution” (unless you live in one of the following states which have already passed a resolution to rescind all previous Con-Con calls: Ala., Ariz., Ga., Idaho, La., Mont., N.D., N.H., Okla., Ore., S.C., S.D., Tenn., Va., Utah, and Wy.).


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