Police Ordered To Stop “Incidental Immigration Enforcement”

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The leftist civil rights group that serves as a de facto branch of Obama’s Justice Department is ordering California law enforcement agencies to stop arresting illegal immigrants and ignore federal detainers usually placed on those with criminal convictions or deportation orders.

In an a brazen directive to local authorities throughout California, the state with the nation’s highest illegal immigrant population, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) offers “practical guidance” that will “minimize the fiscal and social costs” of immigration enforcement. Because most of the state’s police departments already have don’t-ask-don’t-tell immigration policies, the ACLU’s focus is on minimizing “incidental immigration enforcement” during routine traffic stops or emergency calls.

Officers should limit their hand in this sort of incidental funneling of individuals into the immigration system by following a few simple policy recommendations conveniently outlined by the ACLU in a separate document. Most importantly, every department in the Golden State should implement policies prohibiting all inquiries into immigration status, citizenship and country of birth.

If federal immigration officials request access to illegal alien inmates, county or city officers should warn them not to talk and that they can decline to participate without legal representation, the ACLU says. Local authorities should also “exercise discretion not to enforce immigration detainers” issued by the feds, usually in cases where the suspect has been convicted of a crime or violated removal orders.

Here’s another brilliant suggestion. Police should immediately stop conducting sobriety checkpoints because they subject individuals of all backgrounds to detention. If the checkpoints, which have been successful in ridding communities of dangerous drivers, must continue they should not “disproportionately impact particular communities of color.” Authorities should also publish advance notification of the checkpoints in “multilingual press sources” to warn illegal aliens.

This audacious move to dictate law enforcement in a major U.S. state certainly indicates that the ACLU has been empowered by its tight-knit relationship with the Obama Administration. Last month Judicial Watch obtained public records that show the notoriously leftist group worked hand-in-hand with the Justice Department to legally challenge Arizona’s immigration control law.

Used with permission of Judicial Watch.

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