Parental Divorce the Major Predictor of an Early Death

By Bryan Fischer

According to a new book, “The Longevity Project,” parental divorce during childhood is the single strongest predictor of early death in adulthood. Children who experienced the divorce of their parents in childhood died about five years earlier, on average, than children who grew up in intact families. This is clearly a call for divorce reform. All 50 states now have “no-fault” divorce, which allows a disaffected spouse to unilaterally shatter a marriage and family even if the other spouse wants to keep it together, which is true 80% of the time. Ronald Reagan said that signing California’s first-in-the-nation “no-fault” divorce law in 1969 was the biggest mistake he ever made. Easy divorce is a national shame and is a tragedy for the children who are victimized by it. We need to move toward mutual divorce only when there are kids under the age of 18, with required waiting periods to allow time for reconciliation.

There is no democracy movement in Egypt, period. You cannot have a democracy without private property rights and equality under law. These are uttlerly absent in Islam and in any nation and economy shaped by Islam. Any meaningful form of representative democracy is an absolute impossibility under Allah, Muhammad, and the Koran. Islam is not about freedom and choice, it is about domination and control. You cannot have economic freedom under a political system devoted to control. The very word “Islam” means “submission.” In Islamic cultures, “there is no economy — only family.” It’s all about the rule of family or the clan, not about the rule of law. If you’re not connected, you have no hope inside the system. So sixty percent of the Egyptian economy is a black market, outside the rule of law for these reasons. Six million people work for the government in Egypt, and over nine million work in the extra-legal sector. Ninety percent of Egyptians who “own” property have no legal title to it, so they cannot leverage it through loans or joint partnerships. All of this is why it is fundamentally foolish for us to think we can build free nations in Islamic countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. If they do not convert to Christianity, they are doomed to tyranny and poverty forever.

The Department of Justice’s voting rights division is responsible to enforce the law that says overseas soldiers must receive absentee ballots 45 days prior to an election. Under President Obama, the DOJ was completely derelict in enforcing this law in 2010. Now if you’re a soldier and you want some help from them to protect your voting rights, the DOJ’s website assures you they care about you, and urge you to contact them. But if you hit the “Contact Us” button, you get sent to the Pentagon, which has no enforcement powers on voting rights issues whatsoever. As J. Christian Adams, says, “The ‘Contact Us’ page should be renamed ‘Contact Them.’” So the bottom line: the DOJ says to soldiers, “Didn’t get your ballot in time? Tough darts. Call the military, not us. We don’t care.”

Wisconsin teachers: you still have the right to petition the government for the redress of your grievances. But that’s not the same thing as the right to get what you want.

Mr. Obama: we need an anti-bullying policy to protect Christians, Rep. Peter King, and Republicans in Wisconsin. What do you say?

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Self-Educated American contributing editor, Bryan Fischer, is Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at the American Family Association, and is the host of the daily ‘Focal Point’ radio talk program on AFR Talk, a division of the American Family Association. ‘Focal Point’ airs live from 1-3 pm Central Time, and is also simulcast on the AFA Channel, which can be seen on the Sky Angel network.