Comrade to Comrade About Spontaneous Revolutions

Tyranny Unmasked with Steve Farrell

As we contemplate what the media and “experts” are calling a “spontaneous revolution” occurring throughout the Middle East, a little honest insiders insight from comrade to comrade by Vladimir Lenin might take our minds on a different turn.

Quoting from Lenin’s 1902 work “What Is to Be Done,” we read in its intro:

In What is to Be Done? Lenin clearly defines his concepts of Bolshevik organization. As he specifies, the basic Bolshevik movement is not a movement of workers, or a movement of intellectuals, or a combination of the two; rather, it is an authoritarian organization of dedicated professional revolutionaries, individually recruited from among among workers and intellectuals. According to Lenin, the only real role of the Bolshevik movement is to plan for, work for, and execute Revolution. Lenin believed that revolution must be carefully and systematically planned and carried through; he scorned those who anticipated “spontaneous” revolution by the people themselves. He also strongly attacked the “Economists,” who were concerned with effecting immediate improvements in living and working conditions.

I could be wrong, but I have a hard time believing that something of this magnitude, occurring simultaneously in several nations at once, among so many unconnected people, came about on its own—i.e., the uneducated poor rising up to overthrow their rich educated powerful masters everywhere at once because that is what deterministic man does (a robot driven by economics) and will always do when hungry and oppressed. You know, the stuff the Marxist Leninist put out in their propaganda, wink-wink, as do their professors serving on nearly every campus across America, wink-wink. But, wink-wink, when among themselves, among trusted company it is as is the case in What Is to Be Done? In essence: ‘Comrades, we must not believe in this for a Moscow minute! Beware! Prepare yourselves for the wrath of the party! We are revolutionaries not naive children who believe in the fairytales our economists are paid to write.’

Naive children? Yes, let us not be naive children either. At least that’s my opinion.

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