Sheriff Questions Napolitano’s Claim That Border Is Secure

Liberty Alerts, Edwin Mora,

Do fewer apprehensions along the U.S.-Mexico border really reflect a lower number of illegal crossings?  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says yes, but an Arizona sheriff says no. Republican Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County, which lies on the Arizona-Mexico border, told Fox News on April 1 that border apprehension numbers fail to tell the real story of what is happening on the southwest border.

“We do not know who’s crossing that border,” Dever said, adding that “anyone who wants to, can. That’s the message our nation needs to hear — that anyone who wants to (cross the border) can, and is. And our own Department of Homeland Security does not have a clear definition of what securing the border even means.”

Dever said people are “disgusted” and even frightened: “I’ll tell Napolitano, in spite of all of your declarations and efforts to the contrary, things are not safe. No, they are not secure. You can use your numbers to say it’s more secure, but it does not define a sense of safety or well-being. You can say it’s more secure, but it’s more dangerous than ever.”

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