Left Goes Wiggy: Wildly False Accusations of Racism

By Bryan Fischer

My column of yesterday has lit up the blogosphere with false accusations that I am some kind of virulent racist.

This was in response to my statement that our welfare policies – in which we subsidize and reward sex outside of marriage – is incentivizing people of all ethnic groups to “rut like rabbits.” This is a simple and unmistakable fact. You get more of whatever you subsidize, and we are clearly getting more sex outside of marriage and more children born out of wedlock than ever before. (I have since made changes in my original column to clarify any confusion and misinterpretation of my comments.)

I was commenting on the effect of our misguided welfare policies across the board, and was not singling out the African-American community in particular, although the consequences of our disastrous welfare policies are felt most acutely there. I was speaking generally to the fact that fallen human nature is going to gravitate to whatever behavior government rewards, even if the behavior itself is self-destructive.

Because we are subsidizing fornication and illegitimacy – every illegitimate baby means more taxpayer money for the mother – we now have 40% of all babies being born out of wedlock overall. In the Hispanic community, the number is over 50% and in the African-American community, the number is now catastrophically over 70%.

These numbers are a travesty and represent an unmitigated disaster for the children born into these fatherless environments.

Now MSNBC is reporting on research conducted at the University of Michigan that indicates that things are even worse than we thought. It turns out that a disturbing number of American mothers are reporting that they have had children by multiple fathers.

In the white community, 22 percent of white mothers report children with more than one father, as do 35 percent of Hispanic mothers.

But things are even worse in the black community, where an astonishing 59 percent of African-American mothers have had kids with multiple fathers.

This all means children of all races growing up in notoriously unstable and confusing environments, which is a tragedy for these children. Children need to grow up in a stable, two-parent household raised, when at all possible, by their married, biological parents.

As professor Katherine Stamps Mitchell of LSU says, speaking of children in fatherless homes, “It’s possible that some of these kids will be multiply disadvantaged.” I would say simply that it’s not just possible, it’s inevitable.

As Walter Williams (I think) observed, welfare has done what slavery, racism and Jim Crow laws could not do: destroy the black family.

We have sown the wind, and are now reaping the whirlwind. It’s time to get past bogus and hysterical charges of racism and deal with the problems that are destroying the future of children of all races.

It’s clearly time for a new direction, and the place to begin is by ending taxpayer subsidies for illegitimate babies. If we care about children and the environments in which they grow up,  it is the least we can do.

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