Special Parole Pushed For Illegal Immigrants With Kids

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The  Illinois congressman charged with crafting President Obama’s amnesty bill has embarked on a national tour to promote a special program that allows illegal immigrants with children to remain in the United States.

Launched by Democrat Luis Gutierrez, the “Campaign For American Children and Families” aims to grant a special parole to illegal aliens who have relatives in the U.S. so that families can remain together in the land of opportunity. The measure is essential to help those “whose lives are being turned upside down by deportation,” according to the veteran lawmaker who authored a bill to give the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty.

Gutierrez estimates that around 4 million U.S. citizen children (“anchor babies”) have a deportable mother or father and all live in fear that they’ll lose a parent at any moment. His national tour will visit at least 20 cities and feature heartbreaking testimony from illegal immigrant families torn apart by deportation. Children and spouses of removed illegal aliens will take the microphone to tell their sob stories at the various rallies, Gutierrez promises.

The goal is to pressure Obama into using his executive power to halt deportations while a broader amnesty bill is being considered by Congress. Immigration reform is necessary in the long run, Gutierrez says, but in the meantime the government must ensure that it doesn’t “needlessly deport” those who are working, raising families and “contributing to our nation and economic recovery.” Obama must “provide relief” from deportation, the congressman asserts.

While his advocacy on behalf of illegal aliens has put Gutierrez in the spotlight lately, the eight-term congressman is also well known for his involvement in a couple of high-profile corruption scandals. A few years ago he unscrupulously pressed the federal government to bail out a failing Puerto Rican bank operated by his wife and several major political donors. Nine hundred and thirty five million taxpayer dollars later, the bank is still struggling and losing huge sums.

Before that Gutierrez was embroiled in a separate scandal involving a political donor who benefitted from his influence in obtaining suspicious zoning changes in Chicago. Gutierrez heavily lobbied the city’s mayor to back a controversial multi million-dollar development for a campaign donor who had just given him $200,000.

Used with permission of Judicial Watch.