Mr. Smith … On Steroids

Must attribute Gage Skidmore if used elsewherePolitical Quip of the Week, Alan Caruba

While taking his research, his politics, and his love for liberty (and the facts) seriously, Alan Caruba has never been one to miss an opportunity to make us smile, and show his human side, as he did for us in his latest commentary, “Dump the Donald.” He began:

Listening to and watching Donald Trump talk with Fox News’s Sean Hannity about how rich he is and how smart he is was truly a vomit-inducing moment. The notion that this extremely successful egomaniac would ever be President of the United States is surreal. It’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on steroids.

Thanks for making all of our morning’s a wee bit more pleasant Alan!


Source: Self-Educated American Featured Writer, and FactsNotFantasy man, Alan Caruba, in Dump the Donald. Political quip of the week compiled and edited by Self-Educated American Editor-In-Chief, Steve Farrell.

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