“Interview by Rep. Wayne Christian with SBOE Member Charlie Garza”

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Thank you, Rep. Wayne Christian, for supporting our conservative Texas State Board of Education leaders.

Charlie Garza, SBOE member from District 1, is one of many good leaders on the Texas State Board of Education.  The solid conservatives are Gail Lowe, Charlie Garza, Barbara Cargill, David Bradley, Terri Leo, and Ken Mercer.  Pat Hardy and George Clayton support conservative decisions periodically.

The SBOE redistricting map needs to reward these conservative leaders with really good districts so that they can run again in 2012 if they so choose. All SBOE seats are up for grabs in 2012.


I received word this morning (4.19.11) that Plane 118 is good for Ken Mercer and Gail Lowe because it keeps Mercer’s district a compact Central Texas district. It restores more of Lowe’s original district and restores Pat Hardy’s original area. It keeps Tarrant County split between Pat Hardy and Mavis Knight, rather than dividing Tarrant three ways, with a representative from Dallas (George Clayton).  Plane 118, which George Clayton supports, keeps George Clayton in Dallas County, Rockwall County, and southern Collin County.

David Bradley and Barbara Cargill seem satisfied with Plane 118, but I do not know whether either Plane 118 or 119 includes Rep. Harless’ amendment that makes sure Terri Leo’s district contains her home, the place where she works, the places where she frequently does business, and where she has achieved high-name recognition.

Plane 118 should work all right for Charlie Garza, but Plane 119 retrogresses Garza’s District 1. People who are knowledgeable on such things say that Plane 119 would be thrown out by the Department of Justice.

Districts 2, 3, 4 and 13 are virtually unchanged in Plane 118, as compared to the House engrossment map (Plane 111). Therefore, Districts 2, 3, 4, and 13 seem to be stable.

Marsha Farney has avoided working with the conservative SBOE members on a map; therefore, I do not know how she feels about Plane 118.

The SBOE redistricting map (Plane 111 — not Plane 118) was sent over to the Senate Select Committee on Redistricting last week.  Please contact the following members and ask them to support Plane 118  instead of Plane 111 since Plane 1118 seems to be the one that most conservative SBOE members support.


(Young Conservatives of Texas ratings posted to right)

Seliger, Chair — 56%

Gallegos, Vice-Chair — 15%

Carona — 39%

Eltife — 48%

Estes — 63%

Fraser — 82%

Hinojosa — 19%

Huffman — 70%

Lucio — 19%

Patrick — 85%

Uresti — 30%

Wentworth — 37%

West — 11%

Williams — 67%

Zaffirini — 19%



To see the various plans, go to: http://gis1.tlc.state.tx.us/

1.  Click on the drop down list “Select Plans,” and select “Base Plan.”

2.  Click on the drop down list “Plan Type.” Click on “SBOE.”

3.  Click on the numbered plans, particularly Plane 118 and Plane 119.

On the attachment, if you find the slideshow button (bottom left) and put it on slideshow (full screen), it will roll every 5 seconds or so; or you can move it with arrow keys or mouse clicks as usual.


You will enjoy reading Charlie Garza’s autobiographical sketch. He is a conservative Republican and a patriotic American:

Charlie Garza comes from a background of extreme poverty. The core values that define him are a solid work ethic, dedication, perseverance, and service to his country.

Charlie’s life journey began in Harlingen, Texas, where he was the youngest of nineteen children, including half-brothers and half-sisters. At the age of seven, Charlie’s father lost his life to leukemia; and the family was forced to turn to migrant farm working as a means of economic survival.

Charlie became a proud Harlingen High School graduate, who sought and earned a nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy, but opted instead to enlist and become a member of the elite submarine community where he accumulated 110 months of Total Operational Submarine Service.  His major assignments included USS FRANCIS SCOTT KEY, Navy Recruiting Command, and the Commissioning Crew of USS TENNESSEE and the USS GREENEVILLE.

Additionally, Charlie served on both the staff of The Commander (Submarine Force Pacific Fleet) and The Commander (Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet).  He earned fifty-four letters of commendation, six Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and the Navy Commendation Medal.

Charlie’s collegiate career included many accolcades including President, Student Government Association; President, Texas Junior College Texas Student Government Association; and President of the Debate Team. He also distinguished himself by earning recognition to the Dean’s List, The National Dean’s List, and the National Who’s Who Among Students.

Garza earned his undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, and completed all but his thesis at Eastern Connecticut State University, earned a Masters Degree from Old Dominion University, worked on his doctoral degree at George Washington University, and completed his course work for his superintendency at The University of Texas at El Paso.

Throughout his entire career, Charlie has been dedicated to public service and giving back to his community. His service has been honored with a nomination as the U.S. Undersecretary of Homeland Security (Management), National Congressional Committee Republican of the Year, and the National Hispanic Image Award (twice).  He attended the National Hispanic Leadership Summit four times and was nominated for the Golden Rule Award.

Since his retirement from the military, Charlie has dedicated his life to improving education for children.  He was selected four times to the National Who’s Who Among Teachers, Youth Advocate of the Year, Best Student Role Model, and coach of the Virginia High School League Debate State Champions.

Presently in his sixth year as an assistant principal in the Clint Independent School District, Charlie is working hard to help students to increase their academic achievement so that doors of opportunity will be open for them.

Charlie Garza was elected Member, Texas State Board of Education, District 1. He is excited about the opportunities he will have to impact decisions that will strengthen Texas public schools.

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