Welfare State Inevitably Leads to Communism

Called Unto Liberty, Marion G. Romney, 20th Century Sermons

Less than twenty short years ago three of the most powerful nations in our so-called free world were allied with Russia and locked in mortal combat with the other three most powerful nations of the present free world. The atrocities perpetrated in Western Europe during the 40’s by so-called Christian nations, the goings on in Cuba where almost everyone professes belief in God, the class hatred and strife, the political hypocrisy and chicanery, and the racketeering and crime in our own land, to say nothing about Sabbath breaking, drunkenness and immorality, all belie the thesis that all is well in the Western world.

The recent action of an Eastern state’s education department in eliminating from its curriculum all courses dealing in any way with moral ethics, on the pretext of complying with the Constitutional provision for the separation of church and state is most disturbing. This is a repudiation of all responsibility for the building of character—the true purpose of education. It puts education, as does Communism, on a purely materialistic basis. If this trend continues, we will come to Communism in this country as surely as we have come to the welfare state which in itself is a long step toward Communism.

The tragic and fatal weakness in the posture of the Western world is precisely the same as it is in the world of Communism — namely, reliance upon uninspired human wisdom. The difference is in degree, not in essence. The course of Communism and the present course of the Western nations will eventually bring us to slavery, despair, and destruction — the inevitable end of every person, nation, and civilization which persists in refusing to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Source: Marion G. Romney, Brigham Young University address, January 11, 1961. Marion G. Romney (1897-1988) was an apostle (ordained 1951) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and later also served as a member of the First Presidency of the Church. President Romney was responsible for building the prototype for the Church Welfare System in 1936, as a young bishop. Later he became managing director of that system and was the author of the Church Welfare Handbook.