LGBT Site Accidentally Proves People Aren’t “Born That Way”

By Bryan Fischer

There is a fatuous and wholly unsupportable myth abroad that gays and lesbians are “born that way,” and just can’t help it. They must act out on abnormal sexual impulses because that’s they way they have been hardwired from birth.

Even Lady Gaga is perpetuating the myth with her new song, “Born This Way,” which is receiving notorious attention mostly for being a blatant rip-off of the Madonna song “Express Yourself.”

The President, bless his utterly misguided and deceived heart, has bought into this lie, which is a dangerous, dangerous thing since he is the most powerful man in the world and has no compunction about imposing his moral views on the rest of us by force while at the same time lecturing us about the evils of, well, imposing one’s moral views on others.

He has even violated his oath of office on the basis of this lie, directing his attorney general to refuse to defend the Defense of Marriage Act because sexual orientation is “immutable,”  and anybody who thinks otherwise, according to Eric Holder, is a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal guilty of “animus” and “stereo-typed based thinking.”

Well, a lesbian-oriented website has just proved the president, his attorney general, Lady Gaga, and anybody paying attention that the “born that way” meme is just flat wrong.

“Pam’s House Blend” is a site devoted to all things transnormal. But unwittingly, the site on Friday proved our thesis that sexual orientation is not fixed and immutable but is in fact responsive to change.

A self-identified lesbian by the name of Keori confessed to readers on Friday that she is now in love with a male Marine. This relationship came right on the heels of a three-year love affair with another woman.

Here’s how she opens up her myth-exploding column: “I have a confession to make, Blenders. I love a Marine. A male Marine.”

She sheepishly admits that “I didn’t intend to love this Marine,” and then ruefully acknowledges that “bisexuality happens, ok?” which is just another way of saying that even she has been forced to admit that sexual orientation is fluid and is hardly a fixed, immovable thing. She is living proof.

So apparently without even realizing what she was doing, she has just dropped a grenade on the foundational plank of the gay activist worldview, that sexual orientation does not change, cannot change, and that those who think that change is possible – like most of us in the pro-family community – are just homophobic bigots.

Well, if Keori is living the dream that change is possible, and proving the pro-family community right in the process, what does that make her?

We’ve often made the point that race is immutable but sexual orientation is not. We don’t know any ex-blacks, but we do know ex-gays. Now everybody who reads “Pam’s House Blend” knows one too.

If it can happen by accident, as it apparently did to Keori, then it can happen by design. Reparative therapy, based on the concept that change is possible, has just been validated on an LGBT website. Who’d a thunk?

I’m genuinely happy for Keori, for she has discovered her God-given sexual orientation and seems excited to have done so. Study after study has shown that heterosexuals in stable married relationships have higher levels of happiness, health, wealth and sexual satisfaction than those in non-normative relationships. By God’s grace, may this be her future as well.

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