Politicians vs. Statesmen

Pres. Harry Truman

Political Quip of the Week with Steve Farrell

There are politicians, and then there are statesmen. My observation has been that there are all too many of the former and all too few of the latter, and so now you know why we are in such a great mess in this country.

But I heard that it was once said that President  Harry Truman had an entirely different opinion of the matter. According to his calculations, I’ve got it all wrong. In fact, he said the numbers are precisely equal between the two groups, politician and statesmen, and always will be. “You see,” says the former Mr. President, “a statesmen is a politician who’s been dead for ten or fifteen years.”

He may have a point. So if he’s right, that means we all need to stop complaining about, or getting on our high horses over that diabolical group of politicians in DC who are spending all of our money on who knows what for who knows who, because in the end, they’ll all be declared great statesmen, and we, well, we will all be mighty ashamed that we ever said otherwise.

I’m feeling mighty ashamed already! … But then again, I’m not so sure we can rely upon the wit and wisdom of Mr. Truman on the issue of statesmanship. After all, when he said it, he wasn’t dead yet.


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