Stop Confirmation of Radical Berkeley Professor!

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As America once again spent past our debt limit and families are struggling with high gas prices and job losses, the liberal Senate is wasting time moving to confirm a judicial nominee who has been called Obama’s most controversial nominee yet.

The Ninth Circuit Court U.S. of Appeals, headquartered in San Francisco, is notoriously far more liberal than the rest of the country.  Obama’s latest nominee, Berkeley Law Professor Goodwin Liu, is a radical, even by Ninth Circuit standards.

Please call your U.S. Senators today and tell them to oppose Liu.

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Liu does not have sufficient experience to be a federal judge. He does not meet the American Bar Association’s standard for federal judges of having more than twelve years of extensive courtroom experience.  Liu has NO experience as a trial lawyer, and he had not even been out of law school for twelve years at the time President Obama nominated him.
  • Liu would apply foreign law in U.S. Courts. He has written that he finds it “difficult to grasp” that foreign law should not be used to interpret the U.S. Constitution.
  • Liu is a Judicial Activist. He has written extensively in favor of judges taking their own ideas and experiences into account.
  • Liu Would Impose Homosexual Marriage.  He submitted an amicus brief in favor of gay marriage, in which he called the majority of California voters who voted for Proposition 8 a, “narrow and ultimately temporary majority.”
  • Liu Would Create a “Constitutional” Right to Welfare. He has written that he believes in the judicial recognition of a right to welfare.
  • Liu Was Highly Critical of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. Liu opposed Roberts and Alito, “because [Roberts] would sit with life tenure.” He also made his priorities clear when he demanded that Senators inquire about specifics on Roberts’ and Alito’s views of: so called “gay rights,” “abortion rights,” “the environment,” “home grown marijuana,” “environmental laws,” “affirmative action,” professional associations, and a host of other issues.

We must send a message by stopping this radical nominee!

Call your Senators now and tell them to vote NO on Goodwin Liu!

Capital Switchboard 202-224-3121

Take Action!

Votes could take place as early as Thursday, so please call today!

Used with Permission of Eagle Forum.